16 Dec 2015

Watch This Space

I am a self-confessed chronophile. No, that isn’t something dodgy before you scrunch your face in disgust. It’s actually a slang term for someone who has a healthy obsession with watches. Since you are here reading this, you could be one too! If it isn’t, I’d like to convert you to the (not so) dark side!

In today’s society we are truly spoilt for choice. Especially when there are two of your favourite shows on the telly and you have to make the life-changing choice, which one are you going to watch fully and which one to flick to briefly during the intervals. Decisions, decisions! I think this theory applies to watches too since there are so many different brands, styles, shapes, sizes, colours, the list goes on and on. I love trying a variety of different watches, just because I can… great excuse I know.

I would say I am quite picky when it comes to watches. Actually, I would say I am very particular with anything, but especially watches. I wouldn't say I am an expert on watches but I do like to research into them and my part-time job actually involves so it's almost second nature to me. 

So today I am going to share with you my favourite watches and a mini review about them all. Links to all the products mentioned will be listed at the end of the post.


If you haven't heard of Skagen before, then I am frowning upon you. No, but seriously. It is my absolute favourite watch brand, although the jewellery and bag collections are stunning too. Skagen's pieces are inspired by nature so they are all very unique and contemporary. I think the most interesting thing about this watch, is the mesh strap. It's self-adjustable so you don't have to faff around with links. It is also very comfortable and lightweight. They like to design their watches very slim so the watch is very sleek and slim. A big bonus with all Skagen watches - 25 years manufacturers guarantee - in my opinion that is just amazing! To sum up... a luxury brand with an inexpensive price-point for the simple and practical wearer.


Casio is a very well-known brand for watches, as they have been around for many many years. Recently, the retro collection has made a huge comeback since they restyled many of the old classic designs to match it to today's trends. I like the square face and how the watch is analogue and digital. Features like the alarm, date and water resistance are very great as it makes the watch perfect for everyday wear. I like how the strap on this watch is similar to the Skagen, as it is self-adjustable. I think this asset is particularly beneficial for people with small wrists as the watch doesn't look bulky on your wrist. Overall, very cool and retro, suitable for men and women who enjoy a bit of quirkiness.


I was eyeing Olivia Burton watches up for a while. I was after a smart and classic leather strapped watch and this ticked all the boxes. I like clean aesthetic of the gold face and the black leather strap and how chic it looks with an oversized shirt and jeans. The price-point for Olivia Burton watches are  reasonable considering how smart they look. I think they almost resemble Daniel Wellington (these are definitely on my wish-list) but are a bit more feminine. I know for a fact this watch will last a few years as the strap can always be replaced over-time, although, mine has worn quite well so far. And you can always switch up the colours if you are feeling adventurous. Olivia Burton have neat and stylish designs in a variety of different sizes, colours and designs.

My general style is quite relaxed and classic and I like to do maintain this with my watch accessory too. As you can see, I enjoy contemporary pieces but I like some traditional ones too. I think these are all very timeless pieces and I know I will have these in my collection for many years to come.

I also think these would make great gifts for any woman (or man, with the Casio and Skagen men's collection). They are all very different so I'm sure you can find something to fit whoever you are buying for. You can always have a little wander around the website to see if you spot something you like for yourself!


Olivia Burton

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