28 Mar 2016

Living At Home During University

I live at home during my university studies and you know what? It isn't such a bad thing after all..

Well the choice and opinion is personal to every individual and their experiences. Personally, I am a home body - I love staying at home. I would much rather have a day in with friends instead of going out. I'm just that kind of person. 

As I started thinking about universities I wanted to attend, I wanted to pick one that was very far from home meaning that I would have had to move. I eventually changed my mind since it would work out to be far more expensive and I'd rather be somewhere a little closer to home. So I instead applied to a university just outside of my hometown and so I would've had to commute to university. 

Results day arrived and I just decided to change my university. It was very spontaneous but I had been thinking about how easy it would be to be a short 10 minute drive from university. I then chose to go to the university closest to me since they offered my course and it was far more convenient. 

When it comes to finance, living at home is obviously the better option! Free food, no bills, no having to worry that rent money is going to come out of you bank account. It obviously is the better choice. I don't mind living at home because I am not one for the typical university student life. I don't like clubbing, partying or staying up really late. I am the complete opposite, which makes living at home easier and comforting. I think it's worth it too since you are saving a lot of money.

Also, you are with you family and you'll get to see friends who have moved out when they come visit. It gives you a chance to have a nice catch up and appreciate them more.

As the university fees get more and more ridiculous - you have to be saving as much as you can! I know if I am at home I can save a lot of money, have a part time job and even saved up enough to buy my own car. For me that was a necessity and priority since I don't have to rely on my parents to drop me to places and I wasn't wasting money on buses. The fact that I have a car also gives me freedom in terms of going out with my friends wherever and whenever I want, going to work, university... it just works for my lifestyle. 

That's just my opinion. Like they say: home is where the heart is - right?

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