5 Jun 2016

Distressed Denim

Ah, the UK weather never fails to surprise me - after a few days of sun, there is a few weeks of rain. So typical. This outfit is perfect for those gloomy and breezy summer days. The distressed denim jean trend is everywhere this year and this look centres around it too. If you are into masculine style and feminine trends, try this kind of look!

The main piece to this outfit is obviously the distressed denim mom jeans. This trend is a comeback from the 70's and  is a mix between the grunge and casual aesthetic, in my opinion. You can find a style of oversized boyfriend, girlfriend, mom or straight leg jeans that suits you best, with the amount of rips you are most comfortable with and you are good to go!

To keep the rest of the look simple, I paired the jeans with a plain white tee and a lightweight black bomber jacket. Layering is essential with the unpredictable weather here... it could be sunny one minute and pouring down with rain the next, so a jacket is a must.

The black fringe bag is another attention grabbing piece. The way it swishes and swoops around when I walk definitely makes me feel like I am a model on the runway (Ha! I am most definitely not). With the masculine looking oversized jeans and bomber jacket, this definitely breaks it up and adds more of a boho vibe.

I decided to add a bit of height to this look by pairing the entire outfit with black block heeled boots. Again, the chunky heel adds a more masculine vibe and toughens it up a little. These are so comfortable to walk in and aren't too over the top for daily wear. The jeans are rolled up to give a bit of separation between the two pieces of clothing and definitely makes it more toned down and laid-back. 

My lipstick is actually my favourite, Nars Ingrid. It is a beautiful deep purple shade. Who says you can't wear a dark lip in the warmer months?! I think it goes perfectly with the outfit and the look I was going for.

I feel like this outfit is trendy with a side of grunge and boho. I never would've thought all of these different pieces would work together, but they compliment each other so well!

Jeans and Bag - Boohoo / White Tee and Boots - H&M / Jacket - John Lewis

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