24 Jul 2016

Why You Should Start Blogging

I remember when I first got into watching Youtube videos and reading blogs I used to say 'I really want to have the confidence to do that'. I never did attempt to blog or make videos for years and now that I finally have a blog.. I love it!

I never knew why I thought that blogging was going to be so daunting. I thought it was too weird to sit and type as if people are going to actually read it. I only have a very small readership now but at least I tried and I am enjoying it.

 I wanted to have the perfect name, the perfect looking site and the perfect posts. When in actual fact, blogging is a journey and nothing was going to be perfect. I already had a passion for beauty, lifestyle, fashion and food so that was good. I had a camera that was decent quality. I had a laptop and internet access. What was stopping me? I thought people would find it weird.

I figured I'd start a blog and keep it secret for a while. I thought it was my own small corner of the internet that no one will find or care about. Eventually, I told my closest friends about it and then a few family people and now I am perfectly fine with whoever knowing.

After I'd set up my blog and decided I wanted to consistently post at least once a week, I started brainstorming ideas. You can read this post on how I find inspiration for my blog for a more detailed explanation. Basically, I wanted to write about a bunch of things that I'd want to read. So, anything that I was interested in or I searched for on the internet I blogged about.

I find blogging fun, rewarding and inspirational. I enjoy thinking of an idea, creating the content for it taking pictures and going on mini photoshoots. I love being creative so I guess it came naturally to me. It is rewarding and warming to see people actually clicking on my site and reading my blog. This also inspires me to work harder and continue blogging. It is a motivation in itself. I don't want blogging to be my career but I enjoy doing it so if it was ever to become a job - I wouldn't mind!

A few months on and I am blogging twice a week and balancing perfectly fine with other general life duties. I am a planner. I love to organise and plan things way in advance. I think this is what helps me to stay on top of everything.

It also helped to go public on some platforms. I use Twitter to promote my blog and that allows you to get in touch with other fellow bloggers on the Internet. Instagram is also great for showing off your photos and pretty pictures. It is a fab way to become more confident and promote your content. Bloglovin' is a great network that enables you to follow your favourite blogs, discover new ones and get your own blog out there! People may actually want to read your blog and they can stay updated by signing up. You can follow me on bloglovin' here! (Thought I'd throw in some shameless self promo because why not).

One of the main things that enabled me to continue posting become more consistent was having support. It's nice that family and friends read your blog and provide you with some feedback. Whether it is constructive criticism or a compliment - opinions help make your content better.

Blogging can bring out your inner creativity. It can help you overcome shyness. You can write whatever you want and when you want. The blogging community is so friendly so be sure to get involved even if it is just on social media platforms. You can do whatever you want with your blog.

Remember to make your blog a representation of you and your personality!


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