14 Aug 2016

Obsessing Over Rings

I am currently going through a ring obsession phase. I never thought I'd like the trend of wearing a bunch of rings on all of the fingers - but I actually love it! Now, it makes me feel like I am missing something if I don't have at least a couple of rings on my fingers...

All of the rings featured in this post are from H&M, with an exception of one which I will tell you about further on. I like H&M rings as they come in a pack of about 5 or 6 and are really inexpensive yet fashionable. Plus some are normal sized rings and some are midi so you are able to wear them halfway up your fingers or even on your pinky!

Here a few of my favourite rings I like stacking together on a daily basis...

These silver coloured rings are all part of my go-to selection. I like how there is a variety of designs.. some are dainty and delicate whilst others are a bit more chunky and a statement piece. The one with the circle design at the back is one of my favourites.

Here is how I wear some of these silver coloured rings.

The pink ring is a Pandora ring that I was kindly gifted for a birthday a few years ago. I love mixing different styles and this one adds a bit of colour too. I quite like Pandora rings and would happily buy more if they weren't so expensive! They do make great gifts though.

These are some of the gold coloured rings I have in my day-to-day stash. These also come in normal sizes and midi sizes. I love the infinity ring as the symbol is quite trendy right now.

I love mixing gold and silver coloured rings. I don't think there are any rules in terms of restricting your outfit to just gold or silver accessories. Personally, I think the merging of the two tones adds more interest to the look and keeps things fairly unique.

What do you think of the ring stacking trend?

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