2 Oct 2016

Five Weekly Beauty Habits

I would describe myself as a creature of habit and routine, which ultimately comes to my benefit when it comes to healthy habits. I noticed I unconsciously had a weekly beauty routine and found that it is actually really beneficial for my skin, body and hair. Here are five weekly beauty habits you could incorporate into your regime.

1. Wash your make up brushes. 
Washing your make up brushes weekly is a good hygienic habit to have. When you think about it.. you are using the brush to apply makeup to your face and whatever bacteria may have transferred on to them will continue to be put on your face the next time you use that brush. Also, I leave my brushes in a pot near my desk and it is exposed to all the germs. If you do the same, I recommend washing your brushes at least every week (if not bi-weekly) and you'll notice a difference in the condition of your skin.

2. Use a hair treatment.
Throughout the week you could be styling your hair using straighteners, curlers or a hairdryer which damages your hair overtime. Using a treatment, hair mask or anything that will help nourish and bring life back into your hair will make sure it is kept in good condition. Therefore, less split-ends, less hair falling out and hopefully healthy looking hair. I suffer with quite dry hair naturally so I have always had this habit but I know that it really works. 

3. Treat your skin to a face mask.
Your skin goes through a lot. All these different skincare products, make up, weather... it all builds up and could lead to spots, oily skin, dry skin etc. Also, I have written up a blog post with my tips and advice for getting clearer skin here, if you would like to have a read of it. Whatever the problem is, you should treat your skin to a facial mask. I either use a light hydrating mask or deep cleansing one depending on how my skin is feeling. Home made masks and DIY ones are very good and inexpensive too! Loads of brands have bought out 'multi-masking' treatments which you can use to target different problems on different areas of your skin.

4. Exfoliate your face and body.
I know some people are completely against regular exfoliation but I think it is a great habit to have. By exfoliating you remove dead skin cells and allow your skin to regenerate new healthy smooth skin. It also increases the blood flow around your face and body making your skin have a natural glow. I would only limit this habit to weekly, especially on your face, since too much exfoliation can be harsh on the skin and could dry it out.

5. Switch out your beauty products.
I have a make up collection that I am trying to make more use out of and so I have developed a little 'system', if you like. I have a daily makeup bag where I cram in products for an everyday face. So, every week I go through my entire collection and switch out products for other products. This way I use more of my make up and don't stick to the same foundation or blush colour all the time. I also do this with skincare sometimes. If I have several moisturisers, I will change it up from time to time so I use more of what I have. Otherwise, there are many undiscovered products sitting at the bottom of my stash.

And there you go - five weekly beauty habits. I like doing most of these on the weekend or on an evening off in the week. It is kind of like a little pamper routine: face and hair mask on, get in the bath and exfoliate and sorting through beauty products... done! Simple and easy.

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