13 Nov 2016

Wonder Women

I am constantly looking for inspiration. Whether that may be for fashion, beauty, my blog... and so on. Usually I'd spend some time scrolling on Pinterest, Instagram and a new find for me, Tumblr.

Other than looking for quite materialistic goals, I most importantly search for inspiration for some motivation. By that I mean for my own personal targets, aspirations and future plans. I think it is very rare to come across an array of people who come from all walks of life, have a different story to tell, go against the social norm. Even those that come from different backgrounds, cultures, social classes etc. Especially in real life - where I live at least! However, it is great having inspiring figures that are represented on social media and through television and films. Sometimes I even come across them in an article or two.

All of the above is what makes a role model an inspirational individual for many people, in my opinion. Being a woman, I especially relate to women that are inspirational.

I recently came across two articles from two different magazines about successful women and female 'future shapers' and it really made me feel motivated reading about their stories and how they are changing the world we live in.

Cosmopolitan's November edition featured 'The Millennial Power List', which included their top 25 successful women who are under the age of 35. From social media icon Zoe Sugg (Zoella) to, Malala Yousafzai, whom they describe as 'our nations Nelson Mandela'. All of the women deserve this recognition as some of the most successful ladies in the world. Researching into a few was highly motivating and gives me a new insight into their lives and some advice I can use to become a better me. 

A feature about the women who are 'redefining work, success & happiness' was in Marie Claire's November magazine. It portrayed a multitude of women, most of which I had never heard of as they are not celebrities or social media figures like those featured in Cosmopolitan. Not throwing shade or anything but I found that it is easier to relate to these kind of women as they appear more 'normal' and everyday people you could meet on the street. Whereas it is more unlikely for you to bump into Maisie Williams. I found that this article was a lot more achievable and provided a snapshot of what these women's lives are like.

Influencers, entrepreneurs, moguls, pioneers, creators, founders, directors, campaigners... the list of what the women do was endless but they were basically all 'girl bosses'. All highly respected women in their industry, CEO's of mega corporations, individuals who are campaigning for amazing causes, women getting their voices heard by millions of people and inspiring other females across the world. All of these females are fantastic role models for the women in our society and I hope young girls, teenagers, older women (and even males!) look up to them and respect all they have done for us. 

I feel like it is hard to appreciate what they have done until you read their individual profiles. I'm not saying I have read them all but the ones that I am immediately drawn to, I looked into and found out so much more. It amazes me that women my age have done so much and I have yet to contribute something back into the world and society. 

I have written a post about bloggers who inspire me and still totally agree with that post. I would definitely like to expand this 'series', if you like, further to other women from different industries. For now I thought I'd share my ideas on 'wonder women' and how reading these articles have given me a bit of a push (especially since university is taking over my life right now!)

A great piece of advice for those going through a bit of a slump or are in need of some motivation - have a search for your favourite bloggers inspirations or celebrities who have contributed to society or even real life stories of what people have done to help. It is an eye-opening experience and a reminder of what we are capable of doing for the local community, country or even the world.

I'm interested in knowing who inspires you and why? I'd love to discover new inspirational people. Leave a comment below! 


  1. Oh wow what a lovely post! I totally agree with you too.
    For me, Christina Grimmie was and still is an inspiration to me. She had such a great sense of humor and she never quit on what she loved doing. She kept moving forward, no matter what the result and that is why she's such an inspiration.
    Also, Zoella has been my great inspiration since I was around 10. Always loved watching her videos and I can relate a lot to her as I suffer with anxiety myself. She talks about it too and it makes me feel A LOT better to know that I'm not the only one suffering. Anyhow, I loved your post! <3
    Much love,


    1. Ah, I've not read about Christina Grime's story! I shall definitely have to. Zoe is great - definitely agree with you on that one!

      Thank you for reading :)

  2. I love Zoella! This was a good read :)


  3. Bloggers and youtubers who have done such amazing things because of their hobby inspire me so much! Oh, and Malala is just so inspirational, I don't even have words to describe her actions!
    Aleeha xXx


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