2 Jan 2017

The Five-Year Plan

I admit that I am a control-freak. I like organising, making lists and ensuring that everything goes to plan. One of the things that is most uncontrollable is life. You never know what tomorrow brings.

If the past year has taught me anything it would be that things don't always go to plan no matter how hard you try. However, that doesn't stop me from getting to where I want to be.

You know when you get asked the question 'where do you see yourself in five years?' and you just sit there like umm, I don't know... Well, making a five-year plan can be helpful in terms of setting yourself a vision, a time frame, a deadline - whatever you want to call it.

I know that I want to go on to do bigger and better things in life and I am hoping that a five-year plan will help solve that. I've always had an idea of what I want to be doing but not really by when.

As it is a New Year, I decided to sit down and write up my five-year plan (which I'll maybe share one day but it is very personal). So, here is how you can create yours.

Think about what you want to plan for. This could be for countless areas of your life; family, friends, relationships, career, education, travel, finance, health, fitness, lifestyle, experiences - the list is endless! Write down all of the areas that you would like to plan specifically for.

Think about the next five years and what you can realistically achieve in this time. How long do you think it would take you to travel all of the places you really want to go to? How long will it take for you to be able to buy a house? How long will it take for you to lose X amount of weight? Think about it logically. Some may need more time than others, given your situation.

Divide your specific goals into the different years. Sometimes you'll find you need to do something before you get to the next stage. For example, to buy a house you're going to need a job and save up first, so this part will go in the previous years plan so you can get to the next step - if that makes any sense. This part is probably the most important, so take your time. It took me days to do this.

Make sure all of your goals are written down on different sheets of paper. This is so you can lay them all out in front of you and look at them together. Read it over and over again. Does it make sense? Is it realistic? If not, make changes until you are happy.

Evaluate as you go along. After you've completed each one make sure you track it and tick it off. Not only is this extremely satisfying (it is for myself at least) but it is a good way of checking if you've actually achieved what you wanted by the time you wanted to. If not, you may have to re-evaluate and see if you can either get the ball rolling with other things or set them for a later date.

Be honest.
Be realistic.
Be critical.
Be specific.

All the best!


  1. This is an interesting idea! I always create goals for myself but 5 years seems like such a long time away, I guess it's important to always look ahead though :) ♥

    Amy // snippetsofamy.co.uk

    1. Yes! I guess you can always do an in-depth plan just for the year :)

  2. I loved this one so much! Such a different version of the usual posts of new years resolutions!

    xx Lisa

    1. Ah thank you! I love this time of the year x


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