22 Jan 2017

Welcome To New York

Earlier in the month I was having the time of of my life in New York! It was probably one of the best trips I've ever been on. Going to America has always been on my places to visit list so this was a great way to start it. I only visited for six days but managed to fit a heck of a lot in.

I've been back a few weeks and am already having NYC blues. I thought I'd pull together a post with all the highlights of my trip, so I hope you enjoy!

This was the view from our hotel room! We stayed at Hotel Pennsylvania in Midtown (7th Avenue, 33rd St). It was right opposite Madison Square Garden, so there was always something going on. It was also a great central location and there was a subway station right opposite so it was convenient to get around to places.

Walking around the city was breathtaking because there were so many beautiful buildings and streets. Everything was massive. The food portions, the shops and of course the buildings. There was the hustle and bustle around main shopping areas but also some quieter residential streets which were really pretty to walk down and get away from the commotion.

Speaking of getting around, we bought metro cards and lived like locals by taking the subway everywhere. It was actually a great experience and although we got lost and confused a few times, American's are friendly enough to help you out! Personally, I think their subway lines are easier to use than the London Underground.

Here we have Times Square, which we pretty much got to see every day and night we were in New York because it was only a few blocks walk away from our hotel. It is just like the movies... an abundance of shopping, restaurants and people!

One of the days, we had a nice stroll through Central Park. It was definitely way bigger than I ever expected! Luckily, we got to see New York in the snow and it was just beautiful. I can imagine the park to be even more stunning in the summer when everything is green and blooming.

We visited early this month so there were still a lot of Christmas trees and decorations up. It made everything feel festive even thought it wasn't Christmas anymore! This was in the New York Public Library, where there were surprisingly no books as far as I could see.

We went to Grand Central Station and was not disappointed with the stunning architecture inside and out. It was such a nice building to just look at, let alone go into. Also, we had a lot of fun (maybe a bit too much fun) at the Whispering Walls which I definitely recommend checking out! Apparently, if you go on one side of a wall and talk to it, whoever is on the other side can hear you. Firstly, we got the wrong wall and was just whispering to random walls around the station but eventually found the actual ones and it worked!! If you ask someone around the station I'm sure they'll point you in the right direction and save you from embarrassment... unlike us.

Also had a quick pit stop at The Met Museum. We didn't actually get a chance to go in and admire the art but instead had a Blair Waldorf moment on the Met steps and felt super cool. To be honest, we were having Gossip Girl vibes all around the city as it was exactly like living in the TV show. Although, we did not have time to find all the famous TV scenes but that can be on the list for the next time I, hopefully, visit.

We booked tickets to go to the Top of the Rockefeller Centre before sunset so we could see the skyline in the day and night. It was probably the highlight of the trip! Watching the city from above was surreal. It was so stunning and breathtaking yet unreal that this was New York. The city is huge and this made it seem so big yet so small at the same time. A must-see for sure!

I wanted to go to the Top of the Rock rather than the Empire State building because I'd rather have a view of the Empire State. If I went again, I'd probably try something different and go to the top of the Empire State instead.

On the last day we managed to squeeze in a quick trip to see the Statue of Liberty on the Staten Island ferry. It is a free ferry that travels from New York to Staten Island and gives you a great view of Lady Libery herself. Definitely recommend this instead of the paid cruise tours, especially if you are on a budget, like myself. The Statue of Liberty seemed so much smaller than expected, unless I just didn't get close enough because we took the ferry.

During the trip we also visited Ground Zero, walked through the Oculus, had a tour of the NBC Studios, toured the New York Times printing plant and of course did a bit of shopping!

Overall, the trip was great. Food was a tad bit expensive and vegetarian food was a little hard to find. I pretty much lived off potatoes, cheese and pasta (talk about carb overload). Anyway, I can't wait to hopefully go back one day and see more of this beautiful city but for now, goodbye New York... you were fab!
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