18 Feb 2017

New Look Beauty Purchases & Review

I'm a creature of habit... once I find something I like, I stick to it. Actually isn't that just loyalty? (I'd like to think it is!) This applies to when I find beauty products I like, I stick to it because I know it works.

However, I was feeling a change and noticed that New Look have a beauty range filled with makeup, skincare and haircare. I know for a fact that I don't need anymore makeup so I didn't get any but I did pick up a few hair and skincare bits. Here is what I bought along with my thoughts.


Texturising Sea Salt Spray
I ran out of my sea salt spray a few months back so I thought I'd get this to see if it does a good job. I tried it on my usual curled hair to see if it gave it more of a tousled, beachy look. I feel like these kinds of products are hard to get wrong, to be honest. Anyway, I like the effect that the sea salt spray gave. There was no unnecessary greasiness or sticky texture left over on my hands either. A few spritzes on my hair with a bit of scrunching and *bam* texturised looking hair!

Volume Salt Shampoo
When I saw this product, I was a little confused but intrigued. It looked like a salt crystal scrub that you should be putting on your body, not your hair. So I thought I'd give it a whirl anyway. The concept is that the salt is meant to give you volume, specifically at the roots of your hair. I mean, it makes sense but I just haven't come across it before. 

It is a bit awkward how it's in a tub as you have to scoop the product out but I can't see the packaging being done in any other way so I can't really complain. I put a dollop of this on my roots and massaged it in, like I do with any shampoo. It lathered up quite a lot, way more than I expected. I felt like it cleaned my hair but after I let it dry it didn't look any more different than it usually does. Perhaps it didn't agree with my hair type but it definitely did not give it any extra volume or body.

Rescue Clay Mask & Detox Tea Tree Purifying Mask
Ever since The Body Shop and L'Oreal came out with their 'multi-masking' ranges, I was hooked. I have tried both and like them a lot. For a switch-up, I thought I'd try these and see if they work in a similar way. First impressions... I really like the packaging. It's very minimal and blog-worthy.

I decided to use the tea tree one on my t-zone and where I get oily and the clay mask everywhere else. As I was washing it off I realised that they double up as a scrub too, which was nice because I could scrub away the left over residue. First thing I noticed was that it worked really well at minimising the appearance of my pores!

After using the masks a few different times, sometimes together and sometimes separately, I couldn't figure out a difference between the two. I mean they claim to do different things but they both had the same effect on my skin.

But a few days after I did use them, I did react to it most of the time. I had tiny little bumps in one area of my skin and maybe that was just the mask bringing everything to the surface but I really did not enjoy how this made my skin feel a week later.  I liked the initial results but after a while I felt like I've used better masks and perhaps these ones aren't the masks for me.

So I wouldn't bother buying both again, if I were to repurchase, but at £4.99 a pop it isn't breaking the bank (plus, I bought them when they were buy one get one free!)


Overall, I am... mostly disappointed. I mean I love the texturising sea salt spray, I'd definitely continue using that! The sea salt shampoo is debatable... as it didn't provide anything different to what my normal shampoo does, I'll probably use it up but not repurchase. The face masks have since been donated to a friend to see if their skin likes it more than mine.

Quite interesting that a fashion retailer is starting to dabble into makeup, hair and skincare products. However, I am sceptical about trying any more as this hasn't wow-ed me completely.

Have you tried any of the New Look beauty bits?


  1. Great post, the photos are really pretty! X

    Love, http://herrendezvous.com/

  2. I'm always sceptical when clothing brands bring out beauty ranges. Thanks for the review of these - I think I'll be giving them a miss!xx

    Lucy x | lucy-cole.co.uk

    1. Me too! I thought this would change my mind :( Disappointing!! x


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