15 Feb 2017

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

I know you are probably thinking 'Fatima you aren't even wearing pink', but actually I am wearing Pink (by Victoria's Secret). So if you read this post, you'll know that last month I was in New York! Therefore, a trip to Victoria's Secret was inevitable and I obviously had to buy something.

As 'athleisure', aka cute workout clothes that are also worn as everyday clothes, is a current trend that I personally love, I have a chilled and comfy outfit that I wear out and about, lounge around in at home and the odd occasional moment where I feel like working out and then give up about five minutes later...

Let's begin with the jumper. It is dark grey, one of my favourite colours to wear, is slightly oversized and most importantly it is so soft. Like, so incredibly comfortable that I could sleep in this for the rest of my life. It also has some cute lace-up detailing on the neckline that adds a bit of interest and apparently this is a huge trend at the moment - which makes me super cool, I guess (lol jk, me + fashionable do not go in the same sentence). 

I got this denim faux fur lined jacket a few years back when they came out basically everywhere. I love how casual it looks with this outfit. It's so easy to throw on and I especially like sporting the double-denim look with it as it has made a comeback over the past couple of seasons.

I decided to pop some leggings on with this outfit, just to amp up the comfy vibes. These are an old pair of workout leggings that definitely haven't been used to exercise in for a looong time! Either way, I love lounging around in them and prefer them to normal cotton leggings because they suck you in a bit more and make me feel more secure. Plus, they aren't as see-through which means no VPL (#winning!)

Jacket: Topshop / Jumper: Victoria's Secret / Leggings: H&M / Trainers: Nike Free Run 2
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