28 Feb 2017

Photography Archive // February

Another one bites the dust... 2017 is flying past already. This month was a particularly good month for me because I had a lot of experience and practice with my camera! Went on two shoots with a photographer, went on a photography course and I went to a wedding exhibition and took a bunch of photos there too. Unfortunately, won't be sharing all the photos from the shoots today (maybe soon I can!) but here are a few of the others....


Earlier in the month I assisted Smilin Occasionz, a Leicester-based photographer and cinematographer, on a pre-wedding photoshoot in London! It was my first experience going to see behind the scenes of a photoshoot and what it involves. Of course I've been photographed but it isn't the same until you shadow a photographer and see their vision. It was also mostly shot in the evening so it was interesting getting an insight into how the photographer gets creative with light. Definitely one of the highlights of the month because it was so enjoyable and interesting and I'm keen to go on more shoots to practice my skills. All of these photos were taken on a Canon 1200D with the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 lens. 



I also went on a level 1 photography course with Jessops! It was really interesting and informative so if you'd like to read more about what the course offers and see a few more photos from the day, you can read my blog post about it here.



After the Jessops photography course, I was inspired and began getting creative with different shutter speeds. So, I tried out some light art photography and here are a few of the first shots I took!
I used an iPhone torch light to get this effect and it worked out quite well. Next time I'm going to try sparklers!



Since I am working with a photographer, I decided to go along to a bridal show where they will be promoting their business. At the show there was plenty going on... fashion shows, makeup demonstrations, dance performances and of course several stalls. The stall was situated right night to the main fashion show stage and so I took a few snaps of all the action!


I also got to shoot a bridal shower, which I obviously cannot share the photos for, but will definitely be experimenting with portraits next month as I now have had a bit of practice! So excited to finally be getting opportunities and experiences to help enhance my skills. It has been a very photoshoot heavy month, which is SO different for me but I am enjoying it!
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