19 Feb 2017

Planning and Organisation | Tips & Advice

I love planning. I sound like such a geek when I say that but I really do! It's one of those things I'm really proud of but also a little embarrassed about. I once took out my planner in a uni seminar and my course-mates just gasped at how many post-it notes and things I had in it! I soon realised that planning to this degree was probably not normal for a 20-year-old uni student (can you tell I don't get out much?)

I am notoriously known as the one who is organised amongst my friends. I say notorious because it isn't always a good thing and can get in the way of actually being productive. Sometimes I spend a good hour planning my week only for plans to change the next day. I like using post-it notes to temporarily schedule events and tasks in to my diary and write it in when I am certain it is going to happen.

Anyways, I like being organised because it makes me feel like I have my life together (even when it reallyyyy isn't). If you want to feel like you have your life in order and want to know how I manage and plan my life, feel free to continue reading my advice!

Get a planner
Firstly, get a planner. I cannot stress the fact that to get organised, you need a planner or at least a notepad. I mean there are several different types of planners, diaries, organisers and journals you could use. I personally like the classic week-by-week planner because it fits my lifestyle. Mine is a yearly one from Paperchase (I love their planners).

My friend has this planner by Ohh Deer and it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen, so I highly recommend that. I've heard that Kikki.K is fab for all things planning and organisation related too. Seriously considering buying extra planners just to admire because they are so aesthetically pleasing.

Last year, I did try and use a bullet journal but it didn't quite work with what I currently do. If you want to know about bullet journals I recommend watching Lily Pebbles' video about it here or on the bullet journal website. Also, Anne from BeautyBitten on Youtube makes really cool videos about her monthly bullet journal (watch here). I really want to get into bullet journaling for something, maybe if I blog more I can use it for blogging.

I'm currently eyeing up the productivity planner because it's got my name written all over it! Perhaps I'll treat myself to one of those when I at least graduate or get a job (lol, how thrilling is my life?)

Write down your goals
Every week I sit with my notepad and pen and visualise what I want to achieve. Currently, majority of my goals lie within my education so I usually have a few assignments to complete, type up some of my dissertation or write some notes. You apply this to the circumstances in your life.. whether it is your career, family.. whatever fits your lifestyle.

Also, you may or may not know that I am a big believer in forward thinking. By this I mean planning ahead. I do this by making yearly plans and developing that into a five-year plan. I have written a whole detailed post about how to make one of these so you can have a read of that here. I highly recommend doing this so you can plan across all aspects of your life for the next few years.

Basically my goals get split from yearly to monthly and then weekly and finally daily.

Make lists
In order to achieve those goals I was talking about in my previous point, I write daily lists. For example, my to-do list today says: Write a blog post, complete 1 chapter of my dissertation, book a dentist appointment and meal plan for the rest of the week. I usually only put about five or six things on my to do list because it is the only way I can realistically achieve them! Too much can put you off and too little is too unproductive (unless you genuinely don't have much going on).

You should then put the list where you can constantly see it. I've mentioned this before in my how to stay organised at uni post, but it actually works for me so try it and see if it boosts your productivity!

Set reminders
A month before an assignment is due, I stick a post-it-note in my planner to remind me to get cracking as it is due soon. This helps me out so so so much because I am on track and most of the time early - wahey! If you are a student, I highly recommend doing this.

It can also be applied to other aspects of your life... for example a month before my car insurance is due, I set a reminder on my phone and in my diary. I do the same for important appointments, meetings, phone bills etc. 

Use online and offline tools
I love writing things down because I am more likely to remember it but I do also use my phone to plan certain things. I like putting birthday reminders on my phone because it is easy to spot in my iPhone calendar (because of all the dots on the dates there is something planned). Also, I love using the notes on my phone to pop in any important things that I need to do and I check it daily to remind myself to do it.

There are plenty of apps you can use too! I haven't really tried any but maybe switch things up by using the voice memos app or even the reminders one, I have heard they are great.

And those are a few ways that I plan my life! How do you stay organised?


  1. This is such a helpful post. Ever since I got a planner given to me at christmas I've found myself using it constantly to write down lists of things I need to buy, blog posts to write, inspiration etc I also like to write stats down in it as well to help be get a gauge onto how well I've done in the previous months so I can improve!
    Charlotte / Charlotte's Picks

    1. Thank you!! :) Ooo that's good that you have everything in one place. I feel the need to keep my blogging life separate from everything else haha! x

  2. What a great post! I also love lists, sometimes I feel like I need lists to organise my lists! I also have a whiteboard on my fridge to plan my meals for the week ahead. Primark and even Sainsbury's have some really cute stationary in at the moment too! x

    1. I love the idea of meal planning but could never get into it! Haha but I am definitely going to have to check out the stationary! X

  3. I absolutely love this post I love the cute stationary. It makes me feel good to stay organised, stops me stressing!

    Lauren x Huggled

    1. Yes, for sure!! Makes you feel put together :)

  4. Make lists is super essential! Great tips
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  5. I loved the post! Especially the part about using offline AND online tools :)

    xx Lisa

  6. Really helpful tips! I aim to get in to better planning, I find my housework or general life sometimes gets in the way..must try harder! lol
    H x

  7. Amazing post! I love getting organized and keeping track of everything in my planner!

    Bella x

    1. Thank you :) I'm glad someone feels the same about organisation!! x


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