12 Feb 2017

Skincare Wish List

I have never been a big fan of designer or high-end makeup but recently, I have been reading reviews on high-end skincare products and I feel like it is a better investment. I typically have quite a simplistic skincare regime however, I'm feeling a bit of a change.

Looking after my skin is something I generally take pride in and would rather spend more on so I think I want to dabble into a different selection of products. Higher end beauty is not my forte and is definitely out of my comfort zone so I would love if you gave me your opinions and recommendations on the products I've listed below!

My skin is generally clear but when I break out... I BREAK out. Winter is never normally nice to my skin either and I suffer with eczema and extremely dry skin. Considering that we have 9 months of winter in the UK, I better step up my skincare game to keep on top of it! Also, my skin reacts to strongly fragranced products so easily and so I have to rule out several nice smelling products - bummer.

So without any further ado... here is my skincare wishlist.

And thats what I am currently lusting over in terms of skincare! I think throughout the next couple of months I'll save up to buy some of these and see what different high-end skincare makes for my skin. I will definitely report back on the hits and maybe some misses too!
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