12 Mar 2017

Current Lipstick Loves

Every week, I switch up the products in my makeup bag. That way, everything in my collection is in regular rotation and is getting some love. It also gives me a chance to rediscover my love for products I had completely forgot about. In this instance, it was my love for lipsticks!

Throughout the past few months, I've been going through a no-lipstick phase or a more natural look with a touch of lip balm. However a few weeks back, I fell back in love with some lip products and they have quickly made it back into my everyday makeup bag so I've they've been getting some more love. Here are my current favourite lipsticks!

First up we have the YSL Rouge Pur Couture in Rose Perfecto (207). I actually got gifted this and my first thoughts were that it was too pink. However, its actually got quite a sheer formula and builds up to a more intense colour so you are in full control of the amount of pinkness you want. I like wearing this lightly for more everyday wear but I do like to build it up for evenings out. Plus, how gorgeous is the gold packaging?!

Next up is the MAC matte lipstick in Sin. This is one of my go-to shades when I want a bold lip. It is just the most perfect burgundy shade. I actually had a full rave about this in my Autumn Lip Picks post, so you can have a read of that to find out some of my other favourite bold lip colours too. I love the look of this with a simple all-black (obvs) outfit, it just adds a bit more grunge glam to the look.

And finally the most budget-friendly of the lot and possibly my ultimate favourite... the GOSH Velvet Touch Matte lipstick in Cinnamon. It is the perfect dusty pink-nude shade. Although it is a matte finish, I find that it is the most comfortable formula to wear and actually smells like cocoa mmmm. I feel like this sort of shade is a perfect your-lips-but-better everyday colour. At £7.99, I don't think you can go wrong!

Below are some swatches of the lipsticks. Starting with the YSL on the left, MAC in the middle and GOSH on the right.

What lip products are you loving right now?
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