17 Mar 2017

Pamper Evening Essentials

TGIF! Honestly, I have been looking forward to Friday all week. I've had a million and one assignment deadlines these past few weeks and I just can't wait till all this university work is over (not saying I'm not enjoying it, it's just a lot of stress). To treat myself at the end of a long week, I love having a bit of a routine to relax me. Here a few of my current favourite pamper evening essentials.


1. Beauty
Whether it is a face mask or hair conditioning treatment, I just love giving my skin and hair so TLC. I really love The Body Shop face masks as I feel like they actually work but they are quite pricey so the L'oreal ones work just as well. For a hair mask, I love trying new ones... currently on the hunt for a really nourishing hair mask - any recommendations?

2. Clothing
It is no secret that I love my pink dressing gown (I basically live in it) but to amp up my cosiness levels, I love wearing a fresh and clean pair of pyjamas. My current favourite is this satin number by Boohoo, I really really like silk and satin pyjamas because they are super soft.

3. Entertainment

There's nothing like settling down on the sofa or in bed with a good movie. I really love a good ol' rom-com (Titanic, The Notebook and The Vow are by far my faves). TV wise, Broadchurch is BACK! If you haven't given that show a watch - please do, it is amazing!

As an alternative to a movie or TV show, I like reading sometimes. I highly recommend Bloom by my favourite, Estée Lalonde. 

4. Food
Now, I can't forget about food. My go-to snacks are popcorn or Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie. However, if I'm feeling like baking something, I love melting chocolate and mixing it with Cornflakes - it tastes so good with warm melted chocolate. Occasionally I like making chocolate truffles... I have a really easy recipe up here, if you want to try it.

5. Setting

I love candles, especially anything cinnamon or fresh linen scented (completely aware that those two scents are very opposite to one another). Lighting a candle to set the relaxed and cosy mood is what makes my Friday night in just a little bit better.

Also, I love fairy lights. Dim lighting in general is just relaxing for the mind and helps be wind down.


What are your treat-yourself essentials?
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