2 Apr 2017

How To Balance University and Blogging

My blog is my safe place. It is the place I go to babble, express myself, unwind and unload as well. I take my blog pretty seriously. I like being consistent, creative and always looking for new ideas to keep it fresh. This is fairly easy to do when and if you are a full-time blogger as your income relies on this.

However, when you are a full-time student with your blog being your hobby, it becomes pretty difficult to create a balance between the two, especially if you want to be consistent. University is hard, obviously, but maintaining and managing a blog whilst completing a zillion assignments... it's a whole new level of multi-tasking.

Since I am quite big on blogging and doing well at university I thought I'd share some tips and tricks on how to balance the two simultaneously!


Have a schedule for your blog
By having a schedule for your blog, you'll know how much content you want to post each week or month. This will make it a lot easier when it comes to planning and writing up some posts. I know I currently enjoy posting 2-3 times per week and therefore need to have quite a few ideas per month to keep inspiration and motivation flowing constantly.

Consider your uni timetable
Undoubtedly you are going to have essays, assignments and exams whilst at university. So if you have 5 essays due one month, maybe cut down on the content so you can focus on one at a time. Or you can be super prepared, which leads me onto my next point....

Schedule and have back up posts
If I have a chaotic month coming up, I will schedule a bunch of posts the month before. This makes it easier when it comes to being consistent as I don't have to worry about being inactive for weeks at a time when I am busy with university assignments. Also, I like to have some back up posts that aren't really time sensitive and can be posted at any time. If something unexpected pops up (i.e.: last minute assignment manic) you can just put up one of your back up posts!

Have a rolling list of ideas
I keep a notebook with several blog post ideas that I would like to post some day. This also includes photo ideas and inspiration from other blogs. There often comes a day in the week where inspiration strikes and I am in the mood for a proper blog-writing and scheduling sesh and this list comes in handy for exactly that! That way I'm not faffing around with photographing products, outfits or whatever I want to blabber on about.

Post a quick & easy 3-minute-read
When I am particularly busy, I find it easy to post a quick post that isn't too long but is to the point. Three-minute-reads are quite popular on some blogs and could come in handy for you, to write, and for busy blog readers to consume. I find that wish lists, favourites, top ten and sometimes even outfit posts can be quite easy to quickly plan, write, photograph and wack out!

Dedicate four hours to your blog per week
After writing blog posts for over a year, I find that I have a bit of a routine when it comes to writing a post. This routine has gotten quicker over time and now I can sometimes write a few posts up in about a few hours. During hectic weeks, I dedicate at least 4 hours out of one of my free mornings to my blog. I think that time is all you need to maybe schedule a week or months' worth of posts (depending on how often you publish). Sunday mornings are a great opportunity for this as it is relaxing, not too strenuous and I still consider it 'me-time'!


That's just a few ways I balance blogging and full-time university! As you may be able to tell, I currently do prioritise university over blogging but still manage to plan for my blog amongst all the final year uni chaos. I think a balance between the two is important so you can keep up with both and do well too.

I think these tips could easily apply to working full-time and blogging too, but when I get to that stage, I'll let you know!

How do you balance the uni life and blogging?


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