9 Apr 2017

What I've Learnt At University

I can't believe I'm actually sitting here and writing this post. Friday marked the last official day of my undergraduate university experience. Not to sound like too much of a grandma but how has time flown by so soon?! I know I'm twenty years old and technically entered adulthood at eighteen but I feel like graduating university is basically when I'm supposed to be a real adult with an actual job.

The anticipation of finishing university began when I had just started my final year. I started writing a dissertation and began looking for jobs and had a few interviews. And that was when it really hit me. I'm adulting.

I've always imagined the day I finished uni to be a bit like the last day of school in High School Musical (just kidding, but IMAGINE that!) It definitely wasn't like that.

Anyway, I thought I'd share five things that university taught me...


#1 It is harder to make new friends
This is just how I feel because of my experience but I found it quite difficult to make new friends. I didn't move out and therefore had no housemates, I don't drink or go clubbing so I couldn't meet people during Freshers' nights out and I stuck to my old bunch of college friends so I didn't feel the need to branch out.

However, in second year I decided to go out of my comfort zone and actually talk to my course mates and eventually had a little group of friends - how cute! It definitely helps to have friends to support you and share the same interests, which is why I think I get along with my course mates, but it was something I didn't expect to happen!

#2 If you want help, you are going to have to ask
This is one thing I was expecting but didn't realise the extent to which I had to go to get help. So, if I wanted some guidance for an essay I was writing, I had to email my lecturer and schedule a time slot within their schedule (which was surprisingly busy). This meant that sometimes I had to drag my butt out of bed on my day off to meet with my tutor to get help on an assignment. It was pretty grim at the time but so rewarding when you get your grades and hard work does pay off!

#3 Group work is harder that independent work
Don't even get me started with group work assignments. If you have a cooperative group, congratulations! You have it so easy! However, if you have a group like how some of mine were (i.e.: barely turned up to lessons, doesn't reply to emails and messages & never brings any work in) it is very frustrating. Their performance in the project reflects on the overall grade of the group which means if someone does really crap, you all will probably do crap! So unfair, but managing a group work assignment is such a big commitment and skill that I have yet to master because everyone is always on a different level to you.

#4 Printing is hella expensive
I never valued a printer as much as I did at university. You have to pay for all of your own printing. My university was generous and gave £10 credit at the beginning of each year but that money disappears after a week! Printing lecture notes, assignments, essays - everything totals up to probably well over £200! Save up and spend wisely. Maybe even invest in your own printer because it's probably a lot more cost effective.

#5 Hours of uni a week = Double the hours outside of uni
Basically, they say that you should spend double the time you have timetabled in university, out of university. It sounds like a lot of time but honestly, most of the time you really need it. I probably did spend 16-20 hours outside of my university timetable to work on everything basically. Essays could take hours, days and weeks for me to complete! This rule is very helpful when scheduling study time. My timetable was quite lenient in second and third year, which meant I could easily schedule time outside of uni hours to work. 


And theres just a few of the things that university taught me! If you are starting university, are already  in uni and need some more advice about it, I already have a few posts up that may be able to help you...

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I've got a few more university related posts planned so pop by regularly, if you interested! Make sure to follow me on Bloglovin' to be updated when I post!
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