19 May 2017

50 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Got a case of blogger's block? I hate when that happens! It is very uninspiring and demotivating when you are stumped on ideas to blog about. I actually wrote a post a while back that explains how I find inspiration for blogging (read here!) and I still go through that process to find new ideas.

However, if you are looking for something more straight up, here are 50 lifestyle blog post ideas! I've added some examples of posts that I've written, if you fancy having a read. Also, let me know in the comments if you have any to add!

1. Why you started blogging
2. What you love/hate about blogging
3. Blogging tips (photography, writing, social media etc)
4. Blogging process
6. How to start a blog

9. Travel guide (city, country, hometown)
10. Experiences with travelling
12. Finding holidays on a budget
13. Saving money for travelling

14. Everyday beauty essentials (makeup, skincare or haircare)
19. Hairstyles for short/medium/long hair
20. Foundations for dry/oily/combination skin
21. Hits and misses
22. Product review (hyped up or new launch)
24. How to clean your makeup brushes
25. Makeup brush collection
26. Makeup storage and collection

27. Your style story
30. 3 ways to style (i.e.: converse, grey tee, black jeans)
31. Favourite accessories
32. Wardrobe tour
33. Shoe collection
34. Wish list (i.e.: ASOS, Boohoo, spring)
35. Special occasion outfit (i.e.: wedding, birthday, party)
36. Recent purchases haul

39. Body confidence
40. Self-care tips

44. Stationary wish list
45. Interior moodboard
46. A letter to your younger self
47. DIY (Instagram DIYS, homeware, beauty)
48. Favourite TV shows/movies/books
49. A day in the life

Hope this was helpful!
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