3 May 2017

DIY Cacti & Succulent Terrarium

It is no secret that pretty much every blogger loves some cacti and succulents, whether it is for blog photos or for that minimal, chic aesthetic. I am no exception! I've always loved plants and flowers, but my love for cacti and succulents began when I started seeing terrariums everywhere

Last summer, I was kindly gifted this copper terrarium by my friend (I believe it was from Urban Outfitters). She had already arranged with a florist to have it filled with cacti and other little bits. However, I have since somehow managed to make a complete mess of my beautiful terrarium and it was just not looking pretty anymore. I even managed to kill one of the succulents inside! I'm not sure how that happened. 

Anyway, I thought I'd try and re-do the terrarium and try to bring it back to life again! I started researching into how to make a terrarium look pretty and what to do and came across a few articles and blog posts to help. Anna (from The Anna Edit) actually has a great post about how she made her terrariums and planters. Of course Pinterest gave me some great inspiration for it too!

Here is how I made mine...

I started by filling the terrarium with small stones and pebbles. This actually helped me to stop soil and water from falling out of the bottom as my pot has a few gaps. I then added some soil and filled that almost half way (changeable depends what your terrarium is like).

Next part is the fun bit! Pick out some small cacti, succulents or other plants that you want to go in. You can fill every space and make it look very full or keep it more spaced out, like I have. Also, I recommend you wear some good quality gloves that don't allow the cacti to prick through because they are painful.

My terrarium was quite hard to get into as the opening was rather small. I just used a spoon to pat down the soil around the plants. Try using damp soil to secure the plants into place!

After your plants are in, you can add extras. I know that many people use moss or coloured stones so you can no longer see the soil. However, I wanted to go for something more rustic and simple so I just used some shells and fake yellow plants (the things that looks like lollipops).

And voila... your very own terrarium. I love how pretty and simple they look! They are so pretty and each one is unique as they are DIY and homemade. I definitely want a few more to trial out different looks and plants in the future!

I made a Pinterest board with all of my inspo ideas for my next DIY project. So if you want some ideas, check it out.


  1. This Terrarium is so cute!

  2. If you can do this in the kitchen sink or in the bathtub where you can give it a thorough wetting and then allow the excess to drain out, so much the better. glass terrarium containers


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