17 May 2017

Road Tripping Essentials*

* This post is a paid for collaboration with Point S. All photos and opinions are my own :)

Summer is right around the corner and you know what that means... ROAD TRIPS! Recently I have developed an obsession and have an urge to go on holidays in the UK. I suddenly have a huge list of places I'd like to visit. Bath, Norwich and Cambridge are my current top three.

However, if you read this post or kept up with my Instagram, you'd know that I recently spent a few days in Brighton! Brighton has been on my list for what feels like forever and I finally got the chance to pop over and visit the beautiful seaside city.

Going on a road trip is obviously very exciting but it can also be stressful in terms of preparation. Most of the cities I want to visit are two hours away or even more so there are a lot of things I have to do to prepare for it.


Here are the most important things I check for before heading on a road trip:

The last thing you need when heading on an exciting road trip is breaking down and having to camp out on the hard shoulder until the recovery truck arrives. I thankfully have never been in that position but it is probably down to my check list..

1. Tyres
Driving on high speeds for long periods of time encourages wear on the tyre and obviously increases the chances of damaging your car. Usually your tyre pressure must be increased (compared to usual) when heading on a motorway journey. Make sure to check in your car's manual to see what yours is supposed to be and fill your tyres before heading on your journey. Point S* lets you book tyres online if yours need to be replaced. It is a simple process that only requires you to enter your registration number. This can be done through their website.

2. Fuel
Make sure your car is filled with enough fuel before heading onto the motorway. If you are due to fill up half way through your journey, make sure you know where the closest petrol stations would be so you aren't panicking when your fuel is low.

3. Water level
Windows can get very dirty, especially on motorways. Make sure your water level is full so you can regularly clean your windows when your windscreen gets grubby. This is something I always check on because I rely on it so much!

Crisps, biscuits and breakfast bars are always in my bag if I am heading on the road. I'm one of those people that rely on snacking a lot and it's no different when I'm on a road trip. There's also nothing like a cheeky pitstop at a service station for some McDonalds - am I right?! Make sure you remember to pack your favourite food, snacks and drinks!


Music is going to help get you through a long journey. I can't be the only one that sings my heart out to High School Musical one minute and The Chainsmokers the next! I always prepare for a journey with good playlist. Normally, when I'm driving around the city I don't mind listening to the radio (Capital FM is my fave) but when I'm on the motorway, the network isn't great. Therefore a fab playlist is an essential!

And those are my road trip essentials! Are you off anywhere anytime soon?
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