1 May 2017

The Start Of Something New

In January I began posting my progress of my photography on my blog. Each month I'd post a little round up of what I've snapped, done and worked on. It was a great way to track progress, improvements and also see what each month offered in terms of photography opportunities.

I did this as a benefit for myself, however, I noticed that blog readers also took an interest in what I was capturing each month and it was truly humbling. I loved waiting on feedback from others about my photos and the comments on the past three months posts were so positive. 

Some of you may know that I began working with a professional photographer earlier in the year. I wanted to start something new and photography works great alongside my blog but is also a really interesting topic to go into. I have just finished my university studies and will (hopefully) be graduating in the summer but instead of pursuing a full-time job, I thought I'd give photography a go.

Having a lifestyle blog means that I take a bunch of photos of things like lipsticks or eyeshadows and being a lover of nature means that I snap a lot of flowers, plants and sunsets. However, I rarely get the opportunity to take photos of actual people, which I'd really like to do. I'd also like to dabble into capturing events and special occasions. These opportunities are hard to find and that is why I starting working with a photographer who gives me chances to learn how to photograph a variety of different scenarios.

I'm far from perfect but I'm willing to learn and practice my skills. I want to be able to expand my portfolio and photograph people for fashion shoots, blog photography, events, special occasions etc.

And that is exactly what I'm doing... I've began collating photos I've taken throughout the past couple of months and presenting them on a separate photography blog.

Big thank you to everyone who has left lovely comments on my photography archives previously, I really appreciate it! 

Previous photography archives:

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