16 Aug 2017

How To Be More Productive

As you well and truly know... I love all things planning, organising and productivity. I myself know that it is sometimes quite difficult to stay focussed on a particular task. Procrastination is far too tempting - am I right?!

I've written a few organisation, planning and procrastination posts before, but I clearly thought a couple wasn't enough! So today I thought I'd share my productivity tips with you...

Have a reality check
So I'm sure we all set ourselves goals and targets on what we want to achieve by the end of the day... make sure it is realistic. Give yourself a reality check and make sure it is actually realistic. There is no point giving yourself too much to do because you can either feel overwhelmed or unmotivated when you don't tick off everything on your to-do list.

Be in the right frame of mind
I'm a full believer of having days off when you need it. If you feel poorly, unmotivated or stressed, give yourself a break! If you were to work through feeling a bit crappy, your work isn't going to get done as well as it would when you are feeling 100%. Make sure you are feeling up for it!

Be inspired and motivated
I think one of the main elements of being productive is getting motivated and inspired. Once you watch or see or read something that gets you excited about what you're doing, you find the urge the continue to do it. Try finding some inspiring and motivating material before you get cracking on with work.

Get organised
One of the main things... get organised. Make lists, set reminders, use post-it notes - whatever helps you... do it! Read this blog post if you need ideas!

Set a timer
I've heard that setting yourself a timer whilst working helps keep you going. It's similar to getting organised or setting yourself goals I suppose. But the concept is that you set yourself a time-frame to get a certain project done by. This keeps your brain in work mode for the 20 minute timer that you set (for example). I believe there is a theory or research project about this so feel free to do some research and see if it works for you!

Treat yo' self
I am a big believer in treating yourself when you've done well. If you have completed everything on your to-do list, reward yourself! You deserve it! Plus, it gives yourself a bit of self-motivation when you know there's a slice of cake or a tub of ice-cream waiting for you at the end of a productive day.

Do you have any productivity tips? 


  1. These are really good tips. I can be very productive but then social media or a text message is always so distracting. But these tips I'll have to keep in the back of my mind next time I get distracted.

  2. For me, I just keep everything super organised. I am the queen of spreadsheets!

    Danielle xx

    1. Oh yes!!! I love a good spreadsheet too xx


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