29 Oct 2017

Workwear Wardrobe // The LBD

Working in an office involves actually getting up and dressed in the morning (although I must admit that I sometimes completely fail at doing so!) and therefore planning outfits is key towards looking somewhat put together.

University was great because I got to work from the comfort of my own home, dressed in whatever I wanted and looking like an absolute toe most of the time. I have come to realise that this is kind of, sort of not acceptable to do for an actual job...

So recently I have been planning outfits beforehand to make sure that I am not wearing the same oversized jumpers and leggings to work every single day. Luckily, the dress code at the office I work at is pretty laid back and casual so I can afford to slack off some days. However, if I am feeling a little fancy shmancy, I do love going for a smarter look. 

And this outfit is exactly that. A classic LBD with a bit of a modern flare (literally, you'll see!). 

This dress is from Boohoo, a place wear I enjoy shopping a lot. The fit and length of the dress is very flattering, especially for a short gal like myself!

I like how the neck is quite high and the sleeves are long. The twist and most interesting element of this dress (and what ultimately drew me to the LBD in the first place!) was the flared sleeves. The contrast of the fitted silhouette with the flared cuffs was so interesting and definitely fits in with the current fashion trends without being too over-exaggerated or controversial.

I feel like this dress is great for most working environments as well as for a formal dinner or even lunch!

My navy DKNY bag is the perfect accessory as it is structured and matches the smart vibe I am going for. The loafers are a personal choice as I find them very comfortable and I am a complete klutz in heels but it can definitely be paired with a pair of high heels, if that is more up your street!

The long dogtooth/checked longline jacket pulls the outfit together and hopefully gives you some inspiration for smarter outerwear.

DRESS | BOOHOO - Exact / Similar
SHOES | NEW LOOK - Similar
BAG | DKNY - Similar
JEWELLERY | H&M - Similar

22 Oct 2017

The £10 Stationary Subscription Box

Calling all stationary lovers... you need this subscription box in your life! Allow me to introduce to you one of the most exciting subscription services I've ever come across - a YooHoo box! I love all things stationary and when a colleague received a delivery of this box in the office, I immidiately ordered the next months box!

So each month there is a different theme to the box and therefore various contents to suit the theme. Sneak peeks and hints are released on the website and social media pages to give you an idea of what to expect but basically for £10, you get a selection of cards, post cards, prints and other stationary elements.

Firstly, I think the idea is genius and excites me more so than beauty subscription boxes! Secondly, £10 (including shipping) is very reasonable considering the quantity you get within the box, which you'll get to see very soon. And finally, the contents included within the box are completely blog and Instagram worthy and I can definitely see myself making use of the things they've included.

Okay... moving onto what is inside the October edition. This months theme was all things luxe and when I saw the marble and metallic theme though the sneak peeks, I couldn't resist!



There were three prints in the box - two A4 and one A5. I particularly love the C'est La Vie one because it is such a lovely but simple phrase. The Bon Appetite one is great for a kitchen or dining area and the flower print is just pretty for general use around the home. Love them all!


P O S T   C A R D S

I am really glad that YooHoo include post cards. It encourages people to actually write on it and perhaps send it to a loved one! I really like the photographs on these ones... it is a black and white misty forest mountain landscape. Very beautiful. I actually think it would also look great hung in four frames.



I love cards! When it comes to birthdays or special occasions, I think that the card is just as important as the gift. You get so many great funny meme cards nowadays but the selection in this box was very pretty, classic and universal. I really like the Thank You card as these definitely don't get enough love nowadays. I really like design on all of the cards, although the pink palm print (is beautiful!) feels a bit out of place with the theme of the box.



A random item that was included in the box was these little shopping list cards. They are the perfect size to fit in your purse and also just are pretty to look at. I feel like writing a mini shopping list on one of these will give me a lot of pleasure in a weird stationary lover way - anyone else with me?


So that's what is included in the October edition of the YooHoo box!

I believe there are boxes left for this month and you can order one via the website here. You can also purchase a three month subscription for £30 (so it works out the same as purchasing separately each month). Whether you want to treat yourself or gift this as a present to a stationary lover, you definitely won't be disappointed!


18 Oct 2017

Styling A Bob

I absolutely love having shorter hair! I feel like it is a fun way to experiment with your styles but also makes managing your hair 10x easier (if it is anywhere near as unruly as mine!). Although I'm currently growing my hair for my wedding, I will always love shorter hairstyles. I find mornings especially easier with shorter hair... waking up and knowing exactly what your going to do to your hair is so much easier!

I thought I'd share how I like to style my shorter hair, what products I use as well as tools.


For my shampoo and conditioner, I am currently still loving using the Natural World Charcoal and Mint range. You can read my review here so I'm not repeating myself but basically you get a lot of great product for a fab price!

After washing my hair and letting it air dry, I use a few different products to maintain my hair...

For days when my hair is super dry, I love applying a small amount of this in the lengths and ends of my hair. I feel like many people rely on this product and I completely understand why. First of all, a little goes a long way. Secondly, it actually works. And finally, it smells beautiful!

This is my budget oil option but it doesn't mean that it works any less better. I would say that I use more of this compared to the Moroccan Oil, but it is still amazing and does a great job of hydrating my hair.

Heat protection is very important especially if you apply heat on your hair regularly. Whether its a hairdryer, straightener, curler etc... anything that applies heat to your hair means that you need to use a heat protectant. I especially like this because it is cheap and cheerful!

I love a slightly messy textured and volumised look. This product helps me achieve exactly that! It is a spray that you apply into dry hair (styled or unstyled) and scrunch it in so that it created a messy and tousled hair style.

This product also allows me to get that similar 'beachy hair' vibe, however, it is applied to slightly damp hair. It comes out as a foam which you then apply to the lengths of your hair and scrunch it in to create a wavy look. A very unique and interesting product!


I have been using this straightener for yonks and it still works just as well as it did when I first bought it. I do occasionally straighten my hair but I especially like using a straightener for curling and waving my hair. The method is easy and I've found a Youtube video that demonstrates my method of curling my hair here.


What are your standout products when it comes to haircare?

15 Oct 2017

Transitioning Into Autumn

Autumn is here! Every blogger is going mad for autumn leaves, autumn fashion and autumn beauty - including myself! I'm not even kidding when I say that I love the colder months... cosy nights in, jumpers and hot drinks are right up my street.

I thought I'd share some of my seasonal favourites for autumn.


A darker lip is definitely something that springs to mind when I think of autumn. Berries, purples, browns and nudes are my favourite colours generally year round, but especially during the colder months.

Here I have a selection of my top favourites:
Brown - NYX Liquid Suede in Downtown Beauty
Purple - NARS Audacious Lipstick in Ingrid
Berry - MAC Matte Lipstick in Sin
Nude - GOSH Velvet Matte Lipstick in Cinnamon

I also tend to wear more eyeshadow during the autumn season. Earthy tones like browns, golds, copper and orange are definitely colours that scream autumn. I particular like switching it up and adding some rusted red and pink. The Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette and Naked Palettes are my current go-to's for a warm eye look.


Wahey, it is jumper season! I love wearing jumpers and knits because they are basically like wearing a blanket or dressing gown (but it is much more socially acceptable!). I love how jumpers these days are not restricted to simple styles, although a classic jumper is a staple. In particular, I really like the frill trend being incorporated into jumpers.

I also love turtle necks and roll necks when it comes to this time of the year and having a variety of thin and chunky knits in my wardrobe is great for the slightly warmer days but also preparing for the nippier days.


Of course I'm looking forward to the abundance of crispy leaves in beautiful shades of burnt orange and warm yellow! I love how pretty it looks. Nature in autumn is especially beautiful and very inspiring in terms of reflecting on fashion and beauty trends.

Also cosy nights in, under the blankets, watching Netflix (I did this throughout summer anyway) with a hot cup of hot chocolate or tea. Mmmm!

What are your favourite things about autumn?


8 Oct 2017

Finding Your Personal Style

If I were to describe my fashion taste to you, I would say it was mostly black, basic and comfortable. It is no secret that all I live are Converses, oversized clothing and jeans. I mean, if it was socially acceptable to leave the house in my dressing gown... I so would! 

Anyway, finding my 'personal style' has been something I've been trying to figure out for probably the past 10 years. And I think I am 98% there, which is pretty good in my opinion.

I feel like finding a personal style is some people may find quite difficult, like myself. So I thought I'd share my thoughts (I wouldn't quite describe it as advice or tips) on how you can start getting some ideas on how to do this.


I love scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram seeking style inspiration. I find it so interesting finding new ways to style a plain shirt or a particular pair of boots. Looking at other people's style definitely helps in term of finding my own style. You get ideas of what you like and what you don't like, which is just as important.

Try creating Pinterest boards of different outfits so that you can refer to these when shopping or putting together outfits. Instagram now has a handy feature where you can save images to boards, so make sure you utilise that too!


I sometimes like being different and trying different combinations. I recommend experimenting with different clothing styles just so you can figure out what actually looks good on you and makes you feel good. If you are normally an all black kinda gal, feel free to step out of your comfort zone and try bright yellow or something.


I'm going to be honest and say that I used to hate going with the trends. But recently, I've found that it is really helpful because it helps you find your own style within that trend. For example, loafers. I think some loafers would look funny on me because they either made me look like a grandma or they made me look like I was playing dress up in someone else's shoes. So, once I found a pair that suited me, made me feel comfortable and went with the rest of my wardrobe... it was great!


Being confident in what you wear is a must. In order to find your own sense of style and fashion taste, make sure you are wearing clothing that you actually like and feel fabulous in. I love trying different 'themes' because it helps me to channel a different vibe. Work wear makes me feel more professional and oversized clothing makes me feel more at ease.


Sometimes it helps to get other peoples opinions. If you are unsure about something, ask for a second opinion from someone you trust so you can decide on whether to buy a certain pair of trousers or a dress. Whether it is online shopping or at the shopping mall, take a friend to be your Gok Wan. You never know what might come out of it!

And there we have some ways you can find your personal style. I hope this helps!

Leave any of your thoughts and tips in the comments below!


1 Oct 2017

Monthly Make Up Bag // September Edition

I'm going to hold my hands up and say that I honestly don't really wear make up these days. I have been enjoying letting my skin breathe a little over the past month and it has honestly helped my skin SO much.

If I were to wear make up on a day-to-day basis, I much prefer a simplistic makeup look. And this is kind of what I've been going for over the month of September. I thought I'd share the contents of my make up bag with you and walk you through a few of my current favourite products. 

Foundation - Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation 
The texture of this is exactly what it says on the tube. Its a soft-matte, satin like, texture that just blends into the skin so seamless and provides a medium but build able coverage. I like applying a small amount of this on a few areas of my face before blending in with my Real Techniques Buffer Brush.

Concealer - Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
I've never realised how much I actually reach for this concealer until I went out and bought another tube. I rarely repurchase products (since I always like trying new things out) but I actually went to buy this again because I enjoyed it so much. The creamy consistency makes it so great for general concealing as well as under the eyes. 

Setting Powders - NYX HD Translucent Finishing Powder and Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder
I like applying the Bourjois powder all across my face as it mattifies without being cakey or drying. I occasionally apply the Translucent powder under my eyes to brighten the area but only apply sparingly so it doesn't look too intense. 

Contours - NYX Blush in Taupe and MODELCO Contour Stick
When I am feeling a bit more adventurous (if that's even the most appropriate word) I like to use a contour stick to give my face more dimension. And if I'm feeling a little less fancy, I use a contour powder to create a similar effect.

Blush - MaxFactor Blush in Gorgeous Berries
To add a flush of colour to my cheeks I like to dust this berry-toned blusher on my cheekbones. It's a baked blush and has a lovely glowy finish and is almost a 2-in-1 blush and highlight duo.

Highlighter - NYX Illuminator
If I feel like I want to add some glow on the high points of my face, I add a bit of this illuminator. The highlight is quite fine in texture and is very natural, but can definitely be built up if that's what you prefer.

Brows - Eylure Eyebrow Palette
I'll admit that I rarely ever fill in my eyebrows nowadays but when I do want to, I have been reaching for this eyebrow palette. It is quite brown toned and since my hair is coloured in a similar tone at the moment, it is a perfect match!

Liner - Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner
If I am feeling like wearing a winged liner, I always go for this one. I've actually had it for a little while now and I definitely will go and repurchase it since it works so well for me! The felt tip point makes it so easy to use and create a strong, precise wing.

Mascara - Kiko Waterproof Mascara
For a fool-proof, long lasting and mascara that actually works on my lashes, this is my current go-to. It doesn't transfer, smudge or budge the entire day and is really easy to remove with waterproof makeup wipes or cleansing oil. I highly recommend this (+ it is very inexpensive!)

Lipliner - Primark PS Lipliner
I know what your thinking... lipliner - from Primark. Really? Yes really! It is actually so good! I have these in a few shades and I really rate them. Cheap, cheerful and does the job.

Lip Colour - NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme
These are a cult favourite and without a doubt, definitely one of mines. They are so smooth and creamy and hydrating. Another product I would recommend to everyone! This is in the shade 'Cannes' by the way.

Lip Balm - First Aid Beauty Lip Therapy
On the days where I don't fancy a lip product like the NYX one, I would wear this tinted lip balm. It is red in colour but don't be scared. It adds a lovely, natural hydrated flush of colour to the lips. And it smells great!


And that's what was in my make up bag this month! I might make this a monthly post or perhaps every so often. I'd love to know what your current favourite beauty products are in your daily make up bag!

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