18 Oct 2017

Styling A Bob

I absolutely love having shorter hair! I feel like it is a fun way to experiment with your styles but also makes managing your hair 10x easier (if it is anywhere near as unruly as mine!). Although I'm currently growing my hair for my wedding, I will always love shorter hairstyles. I find mornings especially easier with shorter hair... waking up and knowing exactly what your going to do to your hair is so much easier!

I thought I'd share how I like to style my shorter hair, what products I use as well as tools.


For my shampoo and conditioner, I am currently still loving using the Natural World Charcoal and Mint range. You can read my review here so I'm not repeating myself but basically you get a lot of great product for a fab price!

After washing my hair and letting it air dry, I use a few different products to maintain my hair...

For days when my hair is super dry, I love applying a small amount of this in the lengths and ends of my hair. I feel like many people rely on this product and I completely understand why. First of all, a little goes a long way. Secondly, it actually works. And finally, it smells beautiful!

This is my budget oil option but it doesn't mean that it works any less better. I would say that I use more of this compared to the Moroccan Oil, but it is still amazing and does a great job of hydrating my hair.

Heat protection is very important especially if you apply heat on your hair regularly. Whether its a hairdryer, straightener, curler etc... anything that applies heat to your hair means that you need to use a heat protectant. I especially like this because it is cheap and cheerful!

I love a slightly messy textured and volumised look. This product helps me achieve exactly that! It is a spray that you apply into dry hair (styled or unstyled) and scrunch it in so that it created a messy and tousled hair style.

This product also allows me to get that similar 'beachy hair' vibe, however, it is applied to slightly damp hair. It comes out as a foam which you then apply to the lengths of your hair and scrunch it in to create a wavy look. A very unique and interesting product!


I have been using this straightener for yonks and it still works just as well as it did when I first bought it. I do occasionally straighten my hair but I especially like using a straightener for curling and waving my hair. The method is easy and I've found a Youtube video that demonstrates my method of curling my hair here.


What are your standout products when it comes to haircare?


  1. Your hair looks so gorgeous!! I love the curls.

  2. Your hair looks so healthy and I love the curls, so beautiful!! x


  3. Oh I absolutely adore your curls. I just recently chopped my hair off as well and am now looking for lovely hairstyles to rock on my now short hair. Will definitely be trying this!

    love, kerstin

  4. Your hair looks so gorgeous like this! Love the curls.

    The Makeup Directory

  5. I need to get better at styling my hair! I always prioritise makeup so never seem to have enough time to style my hair properly. The texture spray and foam sound good for quick styling x



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