22 Oct 2017

The £10 Stationary Subscription Box

Calling all stationary lovers... you need this subscription box in your life! Allow me to introduce to you one of the most exciting subscription services I've ever come across - a YooHoo box! I love all things stationary and when a colleague received a delivery of this box in the office, I immidiately ordered the next months box!

So each month there is a different theme to the box and therefore various contents to suit the theme. Sneak peeks and hints are released on the website and social media pages to give you an idea of what to expect but basically for £10, you get a selection of cards, post cards, prints and other stationary elements.

Firstly, I think the idea is genius and excites me more so than beauty subscription boxes! Secondly, £10 (including shipping) is very reasonable considering the quantity you get within the box, which you'll get to see very soon. And finally, the contents included within the box are completely blog and Instagram worthy and I can definitely see myself making use of the things they've included.

Okay... moving onto what is inside the October edition. This months theme was all things luxe and when I saw the marble and metallic theme though the sneak peeks, I couldn't resist!



There were three prints in the box - two A4 and one A5. I particularly love the C'est La Vie one because it is such a lovely but simple phrase. The Bon Appetite one is great for a kitchen or dining area and the flower print is just pretty for general use around the home. Love them all!


P O S T   C A R D S

I am really glad that YooHoo include post cards. It encourages people to actually write on it and perhaps send it to a loved one! I really like the photographs on these ones... it is a black and white misty forest mountain landscape. Very beautiful. I actually think it would also look great hung in four frames.



I love cards! When it comes to birthdays or special occasions, I think that the card is just as important as the gift. You get so many great funny meme cards nowadays but the selection in this box was very pretty, classic and universal. I really like the Thank You card as these definitely don't get enough love nowadays. I really like design on all of the cards, although the pink palm print (is beautiful!) feels a bit out of place with the theme of the box.



A random item that was included in the box was these little shopping list cards. They are the perfect size to fit in your purse and also just are pretty to look at. I feel like writing a mini shopping list on one of these will give me a lot of pleasure in a weird stationary lover way - anyone else with me?


So that's what is included in the October edition of the YooHoo box!

I believe there are boxes left for this month and you can order one via the website here. You can also purchase a three month subscription for £30 (so it works out the same as purchasing separately each month). Whether you want to treat yourself or gift this as a present to a stationary lover, you definitely won't be disappointed!



  1. This is brilliant, especially for a stationary addict like me!

    Danielle xx

    1. Isn't it just such a great idea?! Thanks for commenting x

  2. I absolutely love these designs! Especially the prints :)

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  3. i am in love with these design! thanks for sharing :) your blog is amazing


    1. Thank you very much! So sweet of you :)

  4. All of these stationary pieces are so cute!

  5. Stationary is one of my fave things ever!

    xx Lisa | lisaautumn.com


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