29 Oct 2017

Workwear Wardrobe // The LBD

Working in an office involves actually getting up and dressed in the morning (although I must admit that I sometimes completely fail at doing so!) and therefore planning outfits is key towards looking somewhat put together.

University was great because I got to work from the comfort of my own home, dressed in whatever I wanted and looking like an absolute toe most of the time. I have come to realise that this is kind of, sort of not acceptable to do for an actual job...

So recently I have been planning outfits beforehand to make sure that I am not wearing the same oversized jumpers and leggings to work every single day. Luckily, the dress code at the office I work at is pretty laid back and casual so I can afford to slack off some days. However, if I am feeling a little fancy shmancy, I do love going for a smarter look. 

And this outfit is exactly that. A classic LBD with a bit of a modern flare (literally, you'll see!). 

This dress is from Boohoo, a place wear I enjoy shopping a lot. The fit and length of the dress is very flattering, especially for a short gal like myself!

I like how the neck is quite high and the sleeves are long. The twist and most interesting element of this dress (and what ultimately drew me to the LBD in the first place!) was the flared sleeves. The contrast of the fitted silhouette with the flared cuffs was so interesting and definitely fits in with the current fashion trends without being too over-exaggerated or controversial.

I feel like this dress is great for most working environments as well as for a formal dinner or even lunch!

My navy DKNY bag is the perfect accessory as it is structured and matches the smart vibe I am going for. The loafers are a personal choice as I find them very comfortable and I am a complete klutz in heels but it can definitely be paired with a pair of high heels, if that is more up your street!

The long dogtooth/checked longline jacket pulls the outfit together and hopefully gives you some inspiration for smarter outerwear.

DRESS | BOOHOO - Exact / Similar
SHOES | NEW LOOK - Similar
BAG | DKNY - Similar
JEWELLERY | H&M - Similar


  1. You really cannot go wrong with a LBD, it is something that will always be timeless!

    Danielle xx

  2. You look gorgeous! I love that coat!


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