12 Nov 2017

How To Budget On Beauty

I would say that I am pretty good with saving money and only spending where needed, especially when it comes to beauty. As a blogger of many areas including beauty, it is sometimes really easy to get influenced into purchasing a bunch of things you don't really need.

When a blogger that I trust mentions that they are loving a particular makeup item or skincare product, I must admit that I am automatically thinking about buying it. However, I have some willpower in me to prevent me from doing so if it is completely unnecessary (which it is most of the time!). 

I have a few tips on how to save money on beauty and you can easily apply it to how much control you personally want. If you would like to know my advice for budgeting on beauty, please do keep reading!


When shopping for beauty products, only buy what you actually need. Whilst walking around the store and picking up items, think to yourself 'do I need this or do I just want it' and if the answer is that you just want it... put it back down. Don't get sucked into buying products because you've heard rave reviews, it's on offer or if there is free delivery. Only buy what you need!


Say if you want to buy a few new products because you want to treat yourself or you want to try something different, do so in moderation. Make sure you have a budget in mind of how much you can afford to spend / are willing to spend and bare that in mind when shopping.


If you feel like you are overwhelmed with the amount of products in your beauty stash and you want to use products up... go on a beauty buying ban. I do this occasionally as it encourages me to only use the products from my collection and 'shop my stash'. You can set the ban to whatever timescale you like. I would usually do 2-3 months and if I run out of a necessity or something I don't have a back up of, I only allow myself to buy the replacement.


I know I said earlier on to not get sucked into buying something because it's on offer but if you do want to spend money and still budget on beauty, take advantage of discount codes and offers. Keep an eye out for codes on websites that will knock a certain percentage of the total price. Even search the Internet for some because that is sometimes rather helpful! Also, if you have signed up to newsletters / regular emails from your favourite beauty brands and stores, keep track of offers and discounts available through the emails they send.


And last but by no means least, be a smart shopper. Think about it... you can't just put everything you see and like in your basket and just buy it. Make decisions on what you need, what you don't have already or even what you have run out of. Just be wary of what you are buying and shop in moderation.

Personally, I prefer shopping from highstreet brands as I don't like spending much on beauty at all. And because this works for me, I continue to do it. So, try trawling through the more inexpensive stores and brands if you are looking to save some money. There are some great dupes and alternatives out there!


Do you have any budgeting tips?

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