1 Nov 2017

The Lipstick Collection

Ahhh, lipstick. A girls best friend. I actually think that lipsticks are my favourite beauty product.
A simple nude lipstick can make the perfect minimal makeup look. A fiery red colour can create the perfect glam vibe. And a deep purple shade will give you all the autumn feels.

Since I do love lipstick and seem to have accumulated a bit of a collection... I thought I'd share with you my lipstick collection and highlight some of my standout favourites.


- P I N K S   &   N U D E S -
GOSH Matte Lipstick in Cinnamon
Avon Lipstick in Coffee Creme


- D E E P   T O N E S -

(left to right)

And there's my collection of lipsticks!

Do you own any of these? What are your favourite lipsticks?

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