28 Jan 2018

Foundation Dupe: NYX vs The Ordinary

Budget beauty is one of my things. I just don't think that beauty is something that needs to be splurged on. Recently, I've been testing out and trying a couple of new - to me - foundations. I came across to NYX Total Control Drop Foundation and The Ordinary Serum Foundation and was very intrigued.

I quite like a light & buildable base and these foundations seemed to offer exactly that. Reviews I'd read about them were all pretty much great and positive. I just knew I had to try it, especially as it they are inexpensive brands.

Anyways, after a bit of trying and testing, I realised that The Ordinary foundation was a very good dupe for the NYX foundation. And I thought it was a perfect opportunity to review them for the blog and show you the results of both.

The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation is priced at £14, which I found pretty pricey for a 'drugstore' foundation but it is reasonable for the brand. I find that their products aren't the cheapest of them all but this is okay as pretty much off the products I've tried from NYX are really great.

Anyway, I bought this foundation when there was a lot of hype around it in the blogging world and since I heard nothing but rave reviews, I knew I'd love it.

Selecting a shade for this foundation was so incredibly easy. I have a medium skin tone and the selection for the shades within that bracket was amazing. There were so many tones to choose from! Pink tones, neutral and warm shades - I was very impressed by the amount of tones available. I definitely recommend going into a store (I went to Boots) to get colour matched by a professional so you are wearing the correct shade for your skin.

The consistency of this foundation is very water based. As soon as you drop it on to your face (which I found was the best way to apply it) it would run down - so be very careful upon applying so that it doesn't go on your clothing! Buffing it in with a brush gave a more flawless finish, whereas fingers was a more natural finish.

You can definitely build on the coverage by layering the foundation. It does do this without being too cakey! However, the natural, semi-matte and glowy finish means that I didn't apply too much powder because it was just perfect the way it was when applied alone on the skin.

In terms of lasting power, the foundation does wear quite well throughout the day. It doesn't oxidise on me and continues to look great for an entire work day, which is roughly 8 and half hours.

Overall, I thought this was the perfect foundation for me. You can see how seamlessly it blends into my natural skin tone in the below picture. I really enjoy wearing this foundation as it's basically everything I want in a foundation. Lightweight, buildable coverage and a non-cakey finish!

Now... The Ordinary products took the beauty world by storm too. I really enjoy one of their skincare products because it is so inexpensive and does a fantastic job. When The Ordinary Serum Foundation was released, it was sold out & out of stock online for a pretty long time. So, when it did appear on Beauty Bay, I was immediately interested in trying it out and it went straight in my basket!

Picking a shade online was quite tricky as although there was a pretty decent shade selection, it's hard to know what will suit your skin tone when shopping online. I found it was best for me to find swatches on people trying the shades online and make a judgement call as to what would look great on my skin.

Like the NYX foundation, this too has a slightly runny consistency, less than the other one, which means it is lightweight and buildable when it comes to coverage.

Applying with a brush and buffing it into the skin was easy and definitely the best way to apply the foundation to the skin. It blended so nice and seamlessly as you can see from the image of me wearing it below. As you can also see, the finish is very natural (just how I like it) and not too matte, which is perfect.

The foundation does last a fair few hours, although my skin seems to absorb a lot of product generally. I would say this is decent but doesn't last as long as the NYX foundation. Perhaps the pigment is weaker in The Ordinary one or just that the formula isn't as long-lasting. However the £5.75 price tag definitely makes up for it as opposed to £14!

Overall, I would probably repurchase both foundations. They didn't irritate or effect my skin in any way, they both look great and are exactly what I look for when it comes to foundations. However, I would probably lean towards The Ordinary Serum Foundation as the price tag is very much up my street and it works in the same wonderful way as the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation

Have you tried either of these?
I would love to know your thoughts in the comments!



  1. This post was exactly what I needed! I would like to try out both these foundations but as it seems I cannot find the Ordinary easily in France, I think I will go for the NYX one then, plus I need my foundation to be long-lasting so that seems to be exactly what I need
    Thank you for this amazing post lovely, you look gorgeous on these photos by the way
    xx Gabrielle

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely feedback, Gabrielle! I'm so pleased that you found the post helpful :) You are too kind!! xx

  2. I haven't tried the Nyx foundation but I love the Serum foundation, so I would probably feel the same about the Total Control foundation! Great comparison x


    1. Thanks Katie! :) I do very much enjoy both but it's just the price - it all adds up! x

  3. I've tried the Nyx foundation and loved it (in fact I need to purchase a slightly paler shade now as my current shade has become to dark for me). I've been wanting to try both foundations from the ordinary for ages but they are sold out wherever I go. Lovely post, so detailed and informative. x


    1. Ah! Thanks lovely :) If you can try and get your hands on The Ordinary, you may just prefer it a little more x

  4. i adore the ordinary serum foundation. its so good and perfect for day to day.


  5. I am going to have to look into these foundations, I really want something lovely and lightweight for an everyday basis!

    Danielle xx

  6. I 've put in a order for the Ordinary serum foundation! Glad it works for you!

    1. Ah I hope you love it as much as I do :) x


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