29 Jul 2018

The Summer Base // Featuring bareMinerals

With the UK experiencing the hottest summer of all time, it has had such a huge effect on my clothing, hair and of course beauty decisions. In true British fashion, I can't handle this heat and am already wishing for autumn leaves, jumpers, hats and scarves. Sorry to be that person! I am of course making the most of the lovely weather and can finally pull out a product that I purchased whilst I was in New York for our honeymoon, back in April. 

The bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream (what a mouthful!) is a product that I was eyeing up for years after seeing so many of my favourite bloggers rave about it (I Covet Thee & The Anna Edit, to name a few). My skin has been a bit up and down over the past year or so, I'll get onto sharing my issues, findings and solutions some day, but sometimes make up is not an option. I've found that this product isn't a solution to wearing make up on the down days but it's a fab choice for a pretty decent day.

The formula is very lightweight, meaning it blends right into the skin and doesn't make me feel or look the slightest cakey. I'm always looking for non-cakey products and this one is probably one of the best. It is essentially a BB cream and upon comparing to some of my other ones, this one ticks the boxes for me. I have a BB cream from the Body Shop is great but it only comes in two shades, which kind of blends into any skin tone, and the smell isn't so pleasant, making this one much more reached for. 

The bareMinerals product is light, easy to apply, nice packaging, comes in a variety of shades so the colour match is great and it doesn't smell funky - bonus!

To top it all off, the Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream contains SPF 30 which makes applying make up 10x easier as I don't have to use two separate products for sun protection and coverage. I like products that multi-task or do several jobs in one because it makes spending the money on it all the more worth it. 

In terms of price, the product isn't so expensive to some, but I find that spending more than £15 on a make up item breaks my heart a little because I am such a budget beauty kinda gal. I love saving the £££ and discovering amazing products for the lowest possible cost. This costs £28.00, which was pushing it way over the budget for me but I thought I'd treat myself since it was bought whilst on honeymoon.

Application wise, I pop some of the product on my fingers and dot it round my face. I then use a brush to blend it in. I suggest starting with a small blob and building on it, keep in mind that the product is meant to be quite sheer rather than full coverage. After applying, the product does need a bit of powdering down but as it is a non-greasy and lightweight formula, its not necessary to do so.

I really like the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue, it provides the coverage I'm looking for, it looks nice on my skin, it feels fab, the price is the only thing that upsets me (and my bank account) a little, but that is only because I'm a budget beauty fiend.


Have you tried the bareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream - what are your thoughts?

25 Jul 2018

The Post-Travel Pamper Session*

*This is a paid for collaboration with Panasonic.

Travelling is all fun and games until you return home and are jet-lagged, breaking out and dealing with major post-holiday blues. I'm sure everyone can relate to feeling stressed and in need of a holiday once you've come back from a holiday. When I got home from 24 looong hours of travelling back from Singapore, I had a fair few pamper evenings to get me looking and feeling human again.



I was really over the moon that Panasonic invited me to share some of my favourite TV shows to watch when I'm winding down and relaxing. The Panasonic Oled TV's crisp & colourful display make pamper evenings, movie nights and watching TV in general a much more pleasurable experience. 

Here are my current favourite TV shows to watch:

The Crown
Me and the husband are obsessed with this show. I thought it would be a little boring and a bit out of my league as it is based on the royal family but it is actually really interesting and partly educational and informative too. It is strangely addicting so be prepared to be hooked!

Gilmore Girls
I only started watching this a few months back and it is my go-to for many evenings. It's an easy watch, contains some humour and drama, making it the perfect pamper evening show. It is a great watch for a girlie night in or if you are into female focussed TV dramas.

Another easy watch, unlike Gilmore Girls, I've watched every episode of Friends several times - I could practically recite the script of some episodes out to you! If you haven't watched it, you have to give it a go. I promise you won't be disappointed!



My hair and skin goes crazy when I travel as the plane usually dries everything out. So I like to give it some extra TLC when I land.

I have made a pamper pack containing all my goodies for when it comes to pamper sessions. It is basically a face and hair mask shop. I chop and change the products depending on what I am feeling but recently I have been loving the Mario Badescu Revitalising Enzyme Mask for my skin and the Coco and Eve Super Nourishing Coconut and Fig Hair Masque on my locks.



Is a pamper session complete without snacks? The answer is no.

There's always a cup of tea or hot chocolate involved but for food, I often go for a tub of Ben & Jerry's, a bar of chocolate or popcorn! I also occasionally dabble into dinner leftovers or going for a quick McDonalds run... please tell me I'm not alone!


What are your post-travel pamper session essentials?

22 Jul 2018

London Calling!

A day out in London with Sn-ap

Did you know you can get from Leicester to London for as little as £3?! Sn-ap recently launched their services from Leicester to the capital and I was beyond excited to explore more of one of my favourite cities! London is just a short 2 hour journey away yet I haven't had the chance to explore it all, if that even is a possibility. Every visit involves something new and exciting and thanks to Sn-ap, I was able to discover more of the capital city.

Sn-ap is a new “on-demand” coach service, that offers very inexpensive journeys to and from various cities. I met the CEO, Thomas, at the Leicester launch which took place in the Highcross and he explained how customers are the core of his business and that they really are trying to change the experience and stereotypes of coach travel. The coaches aren't just any old thing, they are luxury coaches that often get used for sports teams and ski trips. As they aren't in use all of the time, Sn-ap use them for cheap coach trips between places like Leicester to London. 



We started the day off right: FOOD. We went to Camden Market to explore the quirky shops, abundance of street art and of course, the food stalls! There was so much choice when it came to food... imagine all of the worlds' cuisines under one roof. All of the doughnuts, ice-cream and drinks stands. Camden is also home to Oli Baba's - the place to get halloumi fries. I was feeling more than just fries so I went for a delicious falafel pitta (which was actually vegan!). There's something for everyone at Camden, definitely a place to visit if you are heading to London.

Jumping to dinner, we booked a table at P F Chang's, an asian restaurant we had visited on our travels in Abu Dhabi. The food was great, we had ordered the Dynamite Shrimp, Singapore Style Noodles, Mongolian Beef and Stir Fried Rice. Although the food doesn't taste exactly the same as it did abroad (I think Abu Dhabi has a higher quality of food and presentation compared to the UK), it was still yum!



Obviously there are plenty of things to do when it comes to sightseeing. You can visit The London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Leicester Square, Hyde Park... the list goes on and on.

We decided to have a little stroll around the River Thames, as the weather was so glorious. South Bank is filled with more food places as well as entertainment. There are so many street entertainers that you can spend hours watching!

Areas like Notting Hill, Mayfair and Covent Garden are some of my favourite spots to visit when I'm in London. They are so full of life, character and each have their own personality and vibe.

I've blogged about a London visit previously, which you can have a read of here, but if I were to go again (which I no doubt will since it is so cheap to travel with Sn-ap) where else should I go?



As it was a whopping 30+ degrees in London last weekend, I wanted to wear something that looked cool yet kept me cool. I am still feeling the holiday vibes so I went for this lovely palm print jumpsuit that has really nice little details including the tie waist. You can also use the waistband as a hairband, which I'm definitely going to try!

My sister kindly gifted this to me and I was very excited and so surprised that this jumpsuit was actually from Primark. I mean, I shouldn't be surprised because most of my wardrobe is Primark, but this just really shocked me - in a good way of course. It is such a steal and should still be available as it was a recent purchase.

This trip was kindly gifted to me by Sn-ap

15 Jul 2018

Our Stay At Rixos Bab al-Bahr, Ras al Khaimah

As you may know, myself and my husband recently returned from a two week holiday spread across the UAE and Singapore. The first part of our trip was a honeymoon part two and we decided to spend a few nights in Ras al Khaimah, an emirate in the UAE. It is not as advanced as Dubai or Abu Dhabi but is mostly known for its resorts and beaches.

We decided to stay at the five-star Rixos Bar al-Bahr and I thought I'd share a review in case you are deciding to visit too.


I hate to start on such a downer but my first impressions of the hotel was rather disappointing. We asked to see our room before checking in and noticing the broken picture frames, torn wallpaper and our what was supposedly 'sea view' room overlooking the noisy pool area, I was very unhappy. We then saw four or five (I lost count!) more rooms and was still very disappointed as none of them were finished to a five-star standard and all didn't have the peaceful, romantic honeymoon vibe as they faced the pool.

We spoke to the manager, who was far from understanding and didn't even bother to apologise at my disappointment, and after much back and fourth, he decided to upgrade us to a 'better' room. Upon looking at the room, there were some snags I had and it still did overlook the pool deck but I decided to go with it as after a long 10+ hour journey, all I wanted to do was shower and eat!

Upon booking just note that the sea view room is also a pool view room (which they cleverly leave out!). The hotel is split into a few of buildings which are pyramid shaped and only reach about 7 floors high. You can still hear the noise from the pool area when
on the 5th floor.


We had a really nice spacious room with a balcony and sea/pool view. Just have a scroll through the pictures as it will give you a better overview of the room.

If you book this hotel just be wary of which room you book - I would have loved it more if the room wasn't near the pool but then I would miss out on the sea view and instead just have desert views. 


I found the main pool was rather crowded and noisy. There are lots of kids at this hotel as it is very child-friendly (which is great, if you have a family!) so just be mindful as we were imagining peaceful and relaxing vibes throughout. We found the adult pool on the other side of the resort which also had a private beach section and separate bar. The pool was an infinity pool, which was just the ultimate dream!

We went all-inclusive at the hotel so mojitos and soft drinks were on tap and it was amazing! The private beach section was also very nice. The hotel also offers water sports, if you are into that, but as usual be prepared to pay a lot of £££ as it is pricey.


As mentioned previously, we went all-inclusive which meant all of our meals, drinks and snacks were free. This also included the mini fridge in our room! Anyway, the hotel had a main buffet restaurant where we would eat breakfast and lunch (it was also open for dinner). Breakfasts and lunches were pretty good, a variety of different cuisines and lots of options for all. For dinner, you could book into any of the eight restaurants at the hotel and it was included in the all-inclusive package! We decided to try a different one each night. There are several options from Italian, Turkish, Steak and Asian. Very worth it in my opinion!

The hotel also had a market for guests to do all their holiday / gift / tourist shopping. We didn't buy anything but it was a nice area to potter around. There is also a gym, spa and tennis courts, if you fancy. We booked in for the spa on our last night and it was a-ma-zing!

So there's my review of the Rixos Bab al-Bahr hotel in Ras al Khaimah, UAE. No doubt it is a beautiful hotel and a lovely place to sit back, relax and do absolutely nothing, which is just what we were looking for. The hiccups with the rooms and manager experience was rather disappointing as they seem to lack in customer care. I've visited the Rixos The Palm in Dubai and that hotel was the best hotel experience I've had in my life so to see the difference between the two, was quite sad.

If you have a family with children, I think this hotel if exactly what you need. It offers something for everyone whether it be entertainment or food.


8 Jul 2018

When Life Gives You Lemons...

It's been a week since I've been home and I already have major holiday blues! My husband and I went on part two of our honeymoon and spent a few days in sunny Ras al Khaimah, UAE. We also took the opportunity to visit Abu Dhabi and Singapore which was truly amazing and beautiful! All the travel guides will be coming very soon but for now, I thought I'd share one of my favourite outfits I wore in Ras al Khaimah.

This stunning yellow maxi dress caught my attention whilst I was shopping in New Look. The colour is just beautiful and screamed holiday to me! I am often drawn to yellow pieces of clothing but often find it hard to pull off as it is a bold colour. I have a couple of yellow pieces in my wardrobe but this has got to be my favourite now!

I like how flexible the style of the dress is as it can easily be worn on or off-the-shoulder, depending on whether you are going for a more daytime or evening look. I opted for on-the-shoulder for this day as I was wearing it around the hotel in between dips in the pool (hence the untamed hair).

The maxi dress features a simple tie waist with some tassels, which really pulls it all together and adds a little something. There is also a drop hem / asymmetric feature which mades the dress slightly shorter in the front and longer in the back. As I am on the shorter side, the drop at the back actually drags on the floor slightly, which I don't mind. If I chose to wear the dress with heels, the length would've have probably been what it was supposed to be on a normal height person!

As the dress is the focus and main component of the look and also since I was on holiday and feeling rather lazy, I decided to wear a simple pair of brown sandals. As mentioned previous, the dress can easily be adapted to be worn for day or night so a pair of black, or even something bold like red, heels would immediately amp up the look for an evening outfit.

Have you purchased any yellow clothing pieces lately?

1 Jul 2018

Five Uses For Essential Oils

I love multipurpose products because it makes your purchase way more worthwhile, especially if the item is quite expensive. I kindly got sent the Hallelujah Hair Oil from Forest and Shore, which is actually completely organic, natural and made up from 100% essential oils. Although it is meant for hair, it made me realise how many different uses the product could have as it is purely a blend of essential oils.

Here are five uses for essential oils that you can use in your daily routine.

Hair Treatment
Obviously this product is marketed as a hair treatment, but in general if you happen to have some essential oils around the house, it could be used for your hair. I either apply it as a light treatment in damp hair after a shower or before showering as a mask. It is really affective and keeps my hair healthy looking and also smelling very nice!

Certain essential oils, such as lavender and camomile, are very calming and ideal for helping with your sleep. There are products that are specifically formulated as a spray to put on your pillow to help you sleep at night but I actually popped a few drops of this oil (as it contains lavender oil in it) on my pillow case and it smells so calm and relaxing.

You can definitely use essential oils as a body, clothes, laundry and home fragrance! It is so simple to add it in a spray bottle with some water to make it easy to use around the home as well as a body fragrance.

Cuticle Oil
You can pop some of the oil on your cuticles as a hydrating treatment if they are looking and feeling a bit dry. Whether it is your hands or your feet, you can enjoy a mini pamper session at home with your essential oils doubling up as a manicure and pedicure treatment.

Lip Care
Last but not least, the oil can also be used as a lip treatment. Add some essential oil with some sugar for a nourishing scrub or use on its own as a hydrating lip balm / mask. It is so simple and easy to quickly make up and use.

Have you ever used essential oils? What do you use it for?
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