25 Jul 2018

The Post-Travel Pamper Session*

*This is a paid for collaboration with Panasonic.

Travelling is all fun and games until you return home and are jet-lagged, breaking out and dealing with major post-holiday blues. I'm sure everyone can relate to feeling stressed and in need of a holiday once you've come back from a holiday. When I got home from 24 looong hours of travelling back from Singapore, I had a fair few pamper evenings to get me looking and feeling human again.



I was really over the moon that Panasonic invited me to share some of my favourite TV shows to watch when I'm winding down and relaxing. The Panasonic Oled TV's crisp & colourful display make pamper evenings, movie nights and watching TV in general a much more pleasurable experience. 

Here are my current favourite TV shows to watch:

The Crown
Me and the husband are obsessed with this show. I thought it would be a little boring and a bit out of my league as it is based on the royal family but it is actually really interesting and partly educational and informative too. It is strangely addicting so be prepared to be hooked!

Gilmore Girls
I only started watching this a few months back and it is my go-to for many evenings. It's an easy watch, contains some humour and drama, making it the perfect pamper evening show. It is a great watch for a girlie night in or if you are into female focussed TV dramas.

Another easy watch, unlike Gilmore Girls, I've watched every episode of Friends several times - I could practically recite the script of some episodes out to you! If you haven't watched it, you have to give it a go. I promise you won't be disappointed!



My hair and skin goes crazy when I travel as the plane usually dries everything out. So I like to give it some extra TLC when I land.

I have made a pamper pack containing all my goodies for when it comes to pamper sessions. It is basically a face and hair mask shop. I chop and change the products depending on what I am feeling but recently I have been loving the Mario Badescu Revitalising Enzyme Mask for my skin and the Coco and Eve Super Nourishing Coconut and Fig Hair Masque on my locks.



Is a pamper session complete without snacks? The answer is no.

There's always a cup of tea or hot chocolate involved but for food, I often go for a tub of Ben & Jerry's, a bar of chocolate or popcorn! I also occasionally dabble into dinner leftovers or going for a quick McDonalds run... please tell me I'm not alone!


What are your post-travel pamper session essentials?

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