9 Sept 2018

Planning A Wedding // Advice and Tips

Planning your wedding day can be really stressful but the whole process should still be enjoyable and memorable. I really enjoyed the planning process and know how daunting it can be so I thought I'd pop a little post together for bride-to-be's so you can be a little prepared before you get cracking.


Have a vision

First things first, make sure you know what you want. I had a Pinterest board (which bride doesn't?!) and showed it to my aunt who was also my wedding planner. She knew exactly where to go and how to achieve the look I wanted for the big day.

Do your research

Everything you decide on needs to be researched beforehand. Whether it is the little things or the big things, read as many reviews, articles, websites before booking / confirming.

Don't rush into making any decisions

Although you might want to just tick as many things off on your list, don't rush into doing so. This day is a day you'll never forget and many others may never forget too. You don't want to make the wrong choice about something.

Consider a wedding planner

Luckily I have an auntie who also plans events and weddings so she helped me out a great deal when it came to all things wedding related. I'd really recommend getting one if you don't quite know where to start or if planning is not your forte.

Go to wedding fairs

Before our wedding, we made it our mission to go to as many wedding fairs our possible. It really helped with the planning of the venue, invitations, dress and decor. I found a few suppliers through the wedding fairs so be prepared to grab as many flyers and business cards. Also, you often get freebies! Who doesn't love a good freebie?

Take time to relax

Planning a wedding doesn't have to be entirely stressful! Make sure you take the time out of each week in the run up to the wedding to relax as much as possible. It is a nerve wracking day and I think brides, more than groom's, feel it. Book yourself in for a massage - I did this on my wedding week and it was the best thing ever in helping calm my nerves.

Remember that it is your day!

When planning our wedding I remember I'd keep thinking about what everyone else wanted until I realised that it isn't about anyone else but about us. I started making decisions based on what I wanted and obviously catered for everyone in the process.

Before you start planning

Before you start any planning, make a check list of every little thing you need to do. Being my organised self, I created a spreadsheet and noted every little detail down and it helped me keep on top of everything.

On the list make sure you prioritise what means most to you... to get an idea mine was something like the below:

1. Venue / Date
2. Invites
3. Food and Cake
4, Dress and outfits
5. Honeymoon

Preparations for the bride:

I got so caught up in planning all the other bits and bobs that I almost forgot about what I needed to prepare for myself as the bride. Make sure you don't forget to organise yourself...

Look to booking the below details for yourself as well as bridesmaids and close family and friends.

Checklist for the bride

  • Hairdressers
  • Hair stylist
  • Make up artist
  • Massage
  • Nails

On your wedding day

When the big day does arrive, make sure you surround yourself with whatever makes you comfortable. I was really excited on the morning of the wedding, I had all my family and friends around me for breakfast and then spent some alone time in our hotel room until my hair and make up stylists arrived. I think it is important to have some space because the day can be a little overwhelming so make sure you do whatever it is you need to do to feel as calm and comfortable as possible.


Good luck with the wedding planning and treasure these moments! 


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