28 Sept 2018

The Pre-Weekend Self Care Routine

Happy Friday! A couple of weeks back I posted a pre-weekend pamper routine up on my Instagram stories. I got quite a few messages with some great feedback so I thought I'd share some of favourites products for a quick self-care pamper session up on the blog too.



First things first, make sure your space has the right vibe. Light some candles, clean up a little, make sure you feel comfortable.

I have really gotten into essential oils recently and this oil collection is the perfect starter set if you are interested! I just pop a few drops into my diffuser and the room smells so good.


I am a big fan of hair masks. My hair is rather unruly and generally a hot mess so I like to treat it to a hair mask every week if possible! This week I decided to use the Coco and Eve hair mask. It is all over Instagram because of it's pretty packaging and oh-so-amazing smell but it actually does work wonders! It leaves my hair so soft and nourished and the smell and prettiness on my shelves are just a bonus.


Skincare is a huge step in my routine at the moment and I mostly stick to same steps but with different products now and again. The regime goes - Mask, Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise.

I like to focus the products I use on whatever concerns I have at the time and currently it is hydration.

One of the products I've been using to help bring a boost of hydration to my skin is the Rio Rosa Mosqueta Intensive Night Treatment* which works like a dream. In my moisturise step I just pop a small amount of the product all over my face and gentle massage it in to the skin. I really like how fresh the cream smells and although it is an intensive treatment, it doesn't feel heavy at all.

The brand is 100% natural, cruelty free and their products don't contain any colourings and additives - it is filled with all natural extracts and ingredients from South America. I've mentioned this countless times before, but I'd really like to go all natural / cruelty free when it comes to my beauty products so this is a big help in taking another step towards that goal. I'd really like to try more from the brand, especially as the prices don't break the bank!


Last but not least, I like to do something a little special to finish off my self-care routine. Whether it is settling down to watch my current favourite TV show (The Great British Bake Off and Gilmore Girls - FYI!), meal-planning, writing up / planning blog posts or doing a quick relaxing yoga session, it's just something to make me feel good - because that is what self-care is all about!


Do you have a self-care routine? 

*This product was gifted in exchange for a blog post

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