30 Dec 2018

Five Ways To Get Organised For The New Year

I don't know about you but I find that the New Year always gets me thinking of ways to get myself more organised. Time off work for Christmas and New Year means that I have no excuse as I have the time to get my life together in preparation for the upcoming year. I've been sorting through and organising a few bits and bobs around my home as well as for work and my blog, so I thought I'd share my tips and advice with you.

#1 Get a notepad, diary or planner
This is always my first tip when someone tells me they want to get organised. Buy a notebook or diary of some sort so you can write down lists, ideas or things that you have planned. I carry my notepad everywhere with me and it helps me to scribble down any ideas I have for blog posts, ingredients I need to buy from the supermarket or just note down any tasks I need to do. If you take anything away from this blog post, it'd be this one.

#2 Create a daily routine
I think routine is a good thing and keeping that routine everyday (or most days) is helpful so you don't fall off track. For example, every morning I spend 30 minutes or so to blast through quick household jobs such as the hoovering, dusting and doing the dishes. The more you do it, the quicker you get and it becomes a bit of a game (is that sad?!) to see how fast you can blast through your routine. Anyway, creating a regime for cleaning or even self-care, exercise, food prep - whatever it is - is a great way to ensure you get the jobs that need to be done, complete.

#3 Practice mise-en-place aka putting in place
This one is simple. If you take it, put it back. If you use it, clean it up. If you drop it, pick it up. These are simple things that are often forgotten if one is being too lazy (myself included!) and picking up after yourself or others can be avoided if mise-en-place is practiced.

#4 Plan in advance
Plan, plan, plan! I like to take a little time out of every week to think ahead and plan. I plan my menus, outfits for events, chores - anything. It really helps so when the time rolls round, you are prepared and ready. I always like to think ahead in case of emergencies to avoid any problems and unnecessary stress!

#5 Get a label maker
This is probably limited to home or office but getting a label maker has made my kitchen super organised. I'd definitely recommend buying one if you feel like you will benefit from it. This one is by Dymo but there are plenty of others out there or you can just make your own labels with some white stickers and a marker pen.

More organisation inspiration:
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How do you stay organised? I'd love to know so please do pop any recommendations down in the comments!

23 Dec 2018

My Hydration Boosting Skincare Line-Up

All my life I have struggled with dry skin which has unfortunately been caused by eczema and atopic dermatitis. I'll share more on my journey with those conditions in another post but I wanted to share some products that I like to use regularly as they keep my dry skin at bay.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid + B5
Whenever someone asks for more a recommendation from The Ordinary range, I always recommend this one. The hyaluronic acid ingredient helps to absorb moisture from any other product applied afterwards into the skin. There are loads of products on this market now but this one is my current go-to because it is inexpensive, easy to get my hands on and works especially well with my next product...

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Squalane
This product is basically an oil but is not heavy and greasy like most. The description on the website states: Squalane, a saturated and stable hydrocarbon found naturally in the skin, is an exceptional hydrator that can prevent the ongoing loss of hydration that can impair suppleness. And that is exactly the reason why I use it.

Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S Thirst Quenching Serum
Another pre-moisturiser I enjoy, is this one by Caudalie. This is a sample but I enjoyed it so much after the first couple of uses that I immediately went out to purchase the full size*. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid but with the added extra of Grape Water and Grape Seed Polyphenols which repairs and rejuvenates the skin so the skin stays supple and smooth.

Botanics 80% Organic Hydrating Eye Cream
I recently purchased this eye cream on a whim whilst I was browsing in Boots and I'm so glad I did. The rosehip ingredient in the oil makes the products extra moisturising and helps de-puff and keep dryness around the eye area at bay. I really struggle with dryness on my eyelids so I like to use this all around the eye and it works perfectly!

Botanics 97% Organic Hydrating Superbalm
Honestly, I was really surprised and a bit gutted at the size of this product (11ml) in comparison to the price (£7.99) but unfortunately for my bank account it works really well. I feel like it is a dupe to a Liz Earle product and compared to Liz Earle, it is much cheaper but still not so friendly on the pocket! Anyway, it is a super hydrating balm that you can apply to extremely dry areas of the skin and it works brilliantly.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream Moisturiser*
Last but definitely not least... This cream has honestly changed my life. I can't say a single bad thing about this product, my skin just loves it! It is fragrance free, oil-free and suitable for sensitive skin and also created by dermatologists and therefore agrees with my eczema prone skin. Highly recommend if you are struggling to find an ultra-nourishing moisturiser.

So those are my hydrating skincare must-haves at the moment - what are your recommendations for dry skin?


18 Dec 2018

The Last-Minute Beauty Gift Guide

When I’m shopping for presents, I feel like I can think of 96732 ideas all year round but when the occasion rolls around, I’m stumped. With Christmas just around the corner, I thought I’d share some gifting ideas for the beauty lover in your life to help make last-minute shopping easier.

I’ve split it up into save, spend, and splurge depending on your budget – so there’s something for stocking fillers, secret Santa or big gifts.


Missguided Babe Dreams Roller Ball Fragrance*, £8 Currently on offer for £7.50
We all know how expensive perfume can be and gifting it is incredibly risky – imagine purchasing a full bottle and the recipient doesn’t like it? This mini rollerball scent is a great inexpensive option for secret Santa presents and an ideal option for testing the fragrance before committing to a full size. Also, at less than £10 a pop, it isn't going to break the bank!

Sensationail Peel Off Polish*, £6
I don't wear nail polish but I know many people do and thought this was a great idea! I know that removing nail polish is a burden so why not buy peel off polish to make your life easier? It is a great idea for a nail polish lover or if you just want to treat yourself.

Korika Face Masks, from £4
Who doesn’t love a pamper treat? The Korika sheet masks are a fabulous inexpensive option and can be gifted to anyone who enjoys putting their feet up and popping a mask on. I’ve blogged about these masks before (read more here) but I highly recommend them!


Nars Lipstick, £26
You can't go wrong with a lipstick! I'm always super happy when receiving a lipstick as a gift, especially if it is by one of my favourite brands like Nars. Make sure to notice what colour your recipient likes to wear so you can match it but if you are stuck, I’d recommend a nude or classic red!

Spectrum Make Up Brushes, £35
Make up brushes are always a great idea! It's one of those things you need but never want to purchase for yourself as it's a little on the pricey side. I have some by Spectrum and they are FAB. I really recommend them and it's a bonus that they are now available in Boots!

Coco and Eve Hair Mask, £34.90
This hair mask was on my 'to-buy' list for yonks and when I finally saved and got my hands on it, I could see what the Instagram hype was about! I've written a more in-depth review on this in the past so you can have a read here, if ya like.


ORIBE Côte d'Azur Restorative Body Crème, £51
For a super luxurious treat, again for the pamper lover, this body cream is insane. I never thought I needed a super fancy shmancy body cream until I got this. It just leaves your skin super supple and soft and makes you feel fabulous.

Philips Lumea Prestige, £575 Currently on offer for £399
If you want to go all out for a special someone, I really recommend buying them this IPL hair removal machine. It allows you to carry out the treatment in the comfort of your own home and is just a great product to have. I bought mine a few months back and used it a couple of times now and it is so good. Will be sure to provide a full review on it soon as I'm sure many of you are intrigued!


16 Dec 2018

Three Years of Fatima Writes

Hello, I'm back from a little month-long blogging break! The past few weeks and months have been rather hectic but I'm back (hopefully for a while) and I'm very excited to get back into planning ideas, blogging and taking photos!

I thought I'd return to the blogging world by chatting about a milestone I've hit this month - three years of blogging! As I, and many others would say, I can't believe it has been a whole three years. My blogging journey started in 2016 as a hobby and has continued to stay that way ever since. I'm also very very very lucky enough to be contacted my brands and companies for collaborations and reviews, which I am eternally grateful for. It also excites me because I'd never ever have dreamed of earning money or receiving PR packages as a result of my blog.

Blogging for me is more than just receiving products and earning money. As I mentioned, I started my blog as a hobby, which it still is and I'm sure it'll stay that way for many years. My blog is my own platform which I can speak out on, showcase my creativity and mainly just do my own thing with. Although my work involves social media, writing the odd blog post and some photography, it just doesn't give me the same satisfaction as blogging.

As you may know, I've been on a bit of a blogging hiatus the past few weeks, and my time off has not only been relaxing but also very inspiring and motivating. I truly believe in having blogging breaks when needed because in doing so, you come back even better. Just like how a holiday in the sun makes you feel refreshed when returning to work, a break from the internet and social media can also have the same effect.

Throughout my little holiday, I've been brainstorming a lot of new ideas to product upon my return. I've got a lot of new and exciting content in the works, some of which include content that isn't style or beauty related but instead focus on home, interiors and food (so very excited about this!) So stay tuned for a switch up in my blog posts and feel free to leave me any recommendations and content ideas below!

If you blog, how long have you been blogging for? 
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