30 Dec 2018

Five Ways To Get Organised For The New Year

I don't know about you but I find that the New Year always gets me thinking of ways to get myself more organised. Time off work for Christmas and New Year means that I have no excuse as I have the time to get my life together in preparation for the upcoming year. I've been sorting through and organising a few bits and bobs around my home as well as for work and my blog, so I thought I'd share my tips and advice with you.

#1 Get a notepad, diary or planner
This is always my first tip when someone tells me they want to get organised. Buy a notebook or diary of some sort so you can write down lists, ideas or things that you have planned. I carry my notepad everywhere with me and it helps me to scribble down any ideas I have for blog posts, ingredients I need to buy from the supermarket or just note down any tasks I need to do. If you take anything away from this blog post, it'd be this one.

#2 Create a daily routine
I think routine is a good thing and keeping that routine everyday (or most days) is helpful so you don't fall off track. For example, every morning I spend 30 minutes or so to blast through quick household jobs such as the hoovering, dusting and doing the dishes. The more you do it, the quicker you get and it becomes a bit of a game (is that sad?!) to see how fast you can blast through your routine. Anyway, creating a regime for cleaning or even self-care, exercise, food prep - whatever it is - is a great way to ensure you get the jobs that need to be done, complete.

#3 Practice mise-en-place aka putting in place
This one is simple. If you take it, put it back. If you use it, clean it up. If you drop it, pick it up. These are simple things that are often forgotten if one is being too lazy (myself included!) and picking up after yourself or others can be avoided if mise-en-place is practiced.

#4 Plan in advance
Plan, plan, plan! I like to take a little time out of every week to think ahead and plan. I plan my menus, outfits for events, chores - anything. It really helps so when the time rolls round, you are prepared and ready. I always like to think ahead in case of emergencies to avoid any problems and unnecessary stress!

#5 Get a label maker
This is probably limited to home or office but getting a label maker has made my kitchen super organised. I'd definitely recommend buying one if you feel like you will benefit from it. This one is by Dymo but there are plenty of others out there or you can just make your own labels with some white stickers and a marker pen.

More organisation inspiration:
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How do you stay organised? I'd love to know so please do pop any recommendations down in the comments!

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