17 Mar 2019

Eczema-Friendly 'No Make Up' Make Up

I can probably count on my fingers how many times I've worn make up in the past five months but recently I've been dabbling into a little 'no make up' make up and it works really well for my skin! It doesn't irritate my eczema and takes just a few minutes to do, which I'm sure many of us appreciate (I'd much rather spend more time in bed!)

Anyway, I thought I'd share what products I've been using in my makeup routine as they might help you if you suffer with eczema or dry skin.

I find that my skin gets quite dull, especially because of my eczema. So to add a bit of life back into my skin I dab a little bit of liquid highlighter on the top of my cheeks. My current choice is the No7 Skin Illuminator - it's a really nice champagne shade that just makes my skin so lovely and glowy. No7 products are also hypoallergenic so it is perfect for sensitive skin.

Before I apply any make up, I usually slather a bunch of moisturiser or oil on my skin so it likely needs a small amount of powder so it is a bit matte. I don't over powder but just a little dab here and there makes me feel less like a grease ball. This one by NYX is great but sometimes I replace it with a little baby powder.

Next up, mascara. Boy I have missed wearing mascara. Since I haven't been wearing make up because of my eczema flare ups, I forgot that I can still use mascara as it doesn't touch my skin! Currently I've been loving the L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic Mascara because it doesn't make my lashes clumpy, separates them beautifully and make me look so much more awake.

I also seem to have crazy brows sometimes so I've been gelling them down with some clear mascara (I just use any cheap one I can find!) What a difference it makes - I don't even need to fill them in, just a bit of eyebrow gel makes a world of a difference.

Last but not least, a lip colour. I love the GOSH lipstick in Cinnamon - it's a really nice soft pinky nude shade. I usually pop this on or keep it simple with some Vaseline.

That's my 'no make up' make up look! What are your favourite products to use?

10 Mar 2019

Baby Shower | DIY, Inspiration & Ideas

Even before I found out my sister was pregnant I've been planning her baby shower - I was just SO excited. When she told us the big news I knew I couldn't wait to get started and finally turn my ideas into reality! Last weekend was when the baby shower finally took place and it went so incredibly well. Mariam (my sister) had a great afternoon, as did her friends and my vision came to life!

I thought I'd share some decor inspiration and ideas for games & activities that I had planned for the day. Also sharing details of some incredible local to Leicester suppliers and a quick & easy DIY for favours.


First things first, the decor. I hosted the baby shower in my home and decided to keep the main area in our kitchen diner. As you can see we went for a yellow, gold and grey theme which worked so well with all the bits and pieces I already had and some I had purchased specially for the shower.

So the 'About To Pop' banner, 'Happy Pushing' cake topper, gold tassel backdrop, fan decorations, sash and a bunch of other bits were all by Ginger Ray - where else would you shop for decor? I know I'd be able to keep / share some of these pieces for future events, which is very useful. I know they have a new baby shower range with a rose gold theme and it is stunning!

I already had the light box and spelt out 'Mariam's baby shower' but you can definitely get creative and put 'ready to pop' or something else a bit more personalised! Fairy lights are another obvious decor piece. Primark currently have these gold fairy lights for just £2.50 each and they are over 2 meters long - a great inexpensive option!

Balloons and pom poms are another great inexpensive way to add more to a room. We created a sort of selfie wall with them and the gold tassel backdrop and it completely transformed the room! Some of the pom poms were purchased from Amazon but you can actually make them yourself - I've linked to a tutorial here.


Giant personalised balloon: Magnifique Creations
Dried plants / flowers: The Bloom Project, Queens Road, Leicester.
Cake & baby shaped biscuits: Al-Ka'ak Cakes, Leicester based.


I went on Pinterest to get some ideas and inspiration for games to play on the day and there are SO many out there. You don't really need to buy things for the games either or if you do, it should be quite inexpensive!
  • Guess the celebrity baby
  • Bottles up - you just need to buy two baby bottles, fill it with juice / formula / milk and see who can finish first, it's actually really hard for adults to drink out of a baby bottle!
  • Don't drop the baby relay - Each team member takes it in turns to run to the other side of the room with a balloon between their legs and they can't drop it or use their hands to pass on to the next person. A lot of fun to watch and not participate (perks of being the organiser!)
  • Guess the (chocolate) poo 
  • Baby food challenge
  • Labour or porn - don't judge but just search this on Pinterest, it the best and most funniest game!


As I am obsessed with candles, when I was browsing in my local Yankee Candle shop I noticed they had two baby themed scents, Baby Powder and Soft Blanket, and just knew I had to have them as the favours.

We had 10 guests attending the baby shower and luckily Yankee Candle have an offer so you can purchase 10 candles for just £12 - so reasonable! I then bought some small clear plastic sealable bags (45 for £1.50 at The Works) and some brown craft tags. I had some tissue paper lying around at home so I used that as a filling but feel free to leave it out or buy some.

It's pretty simple to put together, just add some tissue paper at the bottom of the bag, pop the candle in, tie the string from the tag around the top (after writing on it of course!) and cut the top off so there is no seal.

Are you planning a baby shower or have you already? Leave some ideas below! 
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