24 Mar 2019

My First Impressions of The Body Shop Shea Range #CareWithShea

Though I am a big fan of The Body Shop, I feel like I've not bought any new products by them in a little while! When I heard of the new Shea range they came out with, I just knew I had to head to my closest store and try it out.

My little shopping trip to The Body Shop was more than just a little spending spree. Not only did I purchase a few other goodies outside of the range (which I'm hoping to share with you after I've tested them properly) the lovely ladies at The Body Shop in the Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester, were kind enough to talk me through the range, the background and even demo some of the products out.

So the hero product and the inspiration behind the new range: their 100% Shea Butter. Shea butter (aka a dry skin saviour) is extracted from the African shea tree and The Body Shop's product is sustainably sourced by The Tungteiya Women's Association in northern Ghana. Currently around 640 women handpick, harvest and make the shea butter in an 18-stage process - which sounds insane! The Body Shop ensures that the women who are apart of this partnership are paid well and also provide funding for healthcare, sanitation, water and education projects which benefits 49,000 people every year.

The 100% Shea Butter comes in a packet and is very much comparative to coconut oil. At room temperature it is solid but as soon you rub it between your fingers, it becomes a silky soft butter that instantly moisturises the skin. Now this Shea Butter isn't just any old shea... it is packed with 192 shea nuts and is multipurpose as it can be used on the face, body, hair and lips. This pure form makes it really easy to create your own DIY home treatments from lip scrubs to hair treatments.

So far I've created a few little products and I'm so impressed with the way it works! I'll probably get a blog post about this up so I can share them with you. Plus at £15 and being so multipurpose, the price is definitely justified.

Next up, the Exfoliating Sugar Body Scrub. I was instantly drawn to this product as the lovely lady in the shop demonstrated it on my hand. It felt so exfoliating yet hydrating - I just knew it would be a great in-shower scrub or even for my pamper evenings when I give myself an at-home foot treatment. I highly recommend purchasing this if you are after a scrub that will really get in there and exfoliate away all the dead skin.

I've not had a Body Butter for yonks because I find some of the scents to be too strong for my liking. I've been enjoying my Baby Oil for post-shower moisturising but to switch it up a little or as an extra treat, this Body Butter will be brilliant. The scent of this range isn't so strong and is very subtle yet nice. It has a very calming vibe about it.

Last but definitely not least - a fragrance! I'm really fussy with fragrances. Mosts perfumes are so expensive and I much prefer to spend that money elsewhere. However, the Shea Eau de Toilette has such a nice subtle warm yet sweet scent (easier to go in and have a whiff than me describe it!) and comes in a nice travel-friendly bottle at just £9.

I think my favourite thing about this range is the meaning behind it. The Body Shop have always been one of those brands who offer more natural and ethical solutions on the high street and with it being so accessible to many people, it really is a positive way to spread the word about the communities and projects they support.

I'd really like to give the shower and hair products a go next - the hair mask and shower cream sounds a-ma-zing!

That's my first impressions of the new Shea range from The Body Shop - have you tried anything yet? 

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