14 Jul 2019

Home Scents & Candles I'm Loving

Following on from this blog post about cleaning I thought I'd share some of my current favourite home scents and candles. My cleaning routine is one of my favourite jobs in the week and making the house smell nice is the best finishing touch! I'm not sure if anyone is interesting in reading about my cleaning routine but if you are, let me know and I'll write up a post. Anyway, today's post will be about the good smelly stuff!

Of course Zoflora is first on this post. Zoflora is my favourite and I love having different scents for different rooms. I really enjoy using lavender in the bathroom because it makes it smell clean and fresh. The mountain air scent is best for mopping the floors and since it's pet friendly, it's fine for Milo (our new little kitten). I also really recommend putting half a capful in a diffuser and it'll make your house smell a-ma-zing!

Zoflora has so many different uses. You can use it neat or diluted and use it to wipe down worktops, in a spray bottle to use as a disinfectant, a capful down plugholes to make it smell nice and even mix with other sprays (e.g. shower sprays, surface cleaners) to make it smell even better!

The Aldi Velvety Rose No14 Candle is the best bargain dupe for a Jo Malone candle! Priced at just £3.99, the candle is scented like an oud smell and isn't too feminine nor masculine - it's in the middle. I don't think you can go wrong with an Aldi candle, I highly recommend checking them out!

If you are after a powerful air freshener, the Unstoppables Febreze Air in Spring is amazing! If you've used Unstoppables for laundry, this is basically the room spray version and it is the strongest scent. We use it in the living area where our kitten is (because let's be real they can be smelly) and it really helps to eliminate odours.

Instead of purchasing a separate fabric freshener, it's really easy to just make your own. Pop a little bit of your laundry fabric softener in a spray bottle with some water (you can even add a little Zoflora) and voila. Your very own fabric softener! I love spritzing this around every morning and it just makes everything smell fresh and clean.

Another candle and the last one for this post, the Watermelon Lemonade candle by Bath and Body Works. I stocked up on a couple of Bath and Body Works candles last year during a visit to the UAE and I wish I could've bought them all! You can actually purchase B&BW candles to the UK via Notino.

What are your favourite home scents?

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