10 Nov 2019

Skincare Products That Have Helped My Eczema

I’ve been meaning to write this post up for a good couple of months now but if I’m being honest, I feel like I could write a post like this every 6 months or so. The reason being is that a) these products only helped me they might not help you, b) they sometimes only work for a short amount of time and c) I’m constantly trying new products so I can keep sharing what works, even if it is for a few weeks.

So with all that in mind, I wanted to share a few products that have helped with my eczema recently because I feel like these are really worth trying if you suffer with eczema like me. I unfortunately get flare ups on my face, neck, arms and hands - areas that are often exposed as they can’t be hidden! I am quite conscious about it but I also know I just have to get on with life and work with what I’ve got that day.

I was sent the Diprobase Itch Relief Cream* and Diprobase Daily Moisturising Cream* and I’m so glad I was because I wasn’t aware they had new targeted skincare products in their range. I’ve tried a few of their products before, as they were recommended by my GP, but hadn’t come across these.

I found that the Itch Relief Cream* is best for use on my face and neck. It isn’t too thick or sticky so I could use it in the morning as well as the evening and it didn’t smell funky – which I thought it would because it is more of a medicated cream. I found that this help reduce redness and flakiness on inflamed areas and it soothed my skin during flare ups. It claims to calm the skin within just 30 minutes of applying it and the packaging states it can be used on babies too but only for the short term (doctor’s advice is recommended).

The Daily Moisturising Cream* does exactly what it says on the tin. It provides hydration when needed and is perfect for day-to-day use. I used this all over my body rather than on my face, but I believe it can be used for both. Its best results are not during flare ups so avoid using when your skin isn’t feeling so great. The cream is also gentle for us on babies.

I’ve heard a lot about the Weleda Skin Food so I thought I’d finally cave in and give it a go… and I’m so happy that I did because this has got to be the product that has helped out the most with the eczema on my face. This product is a natural multipurpose balm that includes ingredients such as chamomile and calendula, which hydrates the skin. Apparently, one is sold every 23 seconds… proves how good it is!

I can only describe the products texture as Vaseline-like so it is quite thick and sticky so bear that in mind when you choose to apply it. I tend to apply it first thing in the morning so it can soak in before I head to work.

I hadn’t had a flare up in a while but when I did, it was one of the worst I’d ever had. I was recommended the Cera Ve range by a few different people so I went out and purchased the Moisturising Lotion. It is a really nice, lightweight cream that can be used on your face or body. I applied the lotion multiple times a day and it really helped soothe the skin as it was cooling on the skin. I really want to try more from the brand so if you have any other recommendations, do send them my way so I can try them!

And those are the products that helped with my eczema during its latest flare up. Do you have any recommendations?

*gifted products

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