13 Dec 2020

Easy Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Swaps You Can Make

As we begin to think about new years resolutions or what we'd like to achieve in 2021, there's a few things that come to mind (for me at least). Being happier, saving X amount of money and being kinder, to myself, people around me and the environment. I've realised I've made a few lifestyle changes this year that are more sustainable and help the environment.

6 Dec 2020

A Glowy Skincare Menu

Over the past few months my priority has been good health and good skin! I've really not worn make up in a while and if I do, it's minimal and on the odd day! I've been loving the healthy, dewy skin vibe and today I thought I'd share my glowy skincare menu featuring my current favourite products.


28 Oct 2020

Recipe: BBQ Pulled Chicken Tacos


Not sure what to cook for dinner? Here is a recipe that's easy to serve up, is a crowd pleaser and is delicious! These BBQ pulled chicken tacos are the perfect main for your Mexican night in. Serve it up with sour cream, guacamole and salsa and you've got a feast.

Here is the recipe.


500g chicken breast, thighs or strips

For the marinade:

  • 1 tsp smoked paprika
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • ½ tsp garlic paste
  • ¾ tsp pepper
  • ½ tsp cumin powder
  • Juice of half a lemon
  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tbsp water
  • ½ tsp salt
For the sauce:
  • 4 tbsp ketchup
  • 4 tbsp BBQ sauce
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 3 tbsp vinegar
  • ½ tsp salt
  • 1 tsp paprika
  • ¼ cup water

  1. Marinate the chicken in the ingredients overnight or for as long as possible
  2. Cook the chicken in a pan and once tender, shred the chicken with 2 forks (or you can take it out and pop it in a mixer)
  3. Mix all of the sauce ingredients together in a separate pan and once throughly mixed and warm, add the chicken in
  4. Serve in crunchy taco shells (warmed in the oven), diced onion and cheese
  5. Enjoy! 

25 Oct 2020

5 Things I've Learnt About My Eczema

As it is Eczema Awareness Month I wanted to share 5 things I've learnt about my eczema. I've battled with eczema on and off over the past few years. It started when I was a child, I've shared my eczema story here if you want to know more about my history and background. More recently I've shared my eczema finds as we adjust to the 'new normal'


4 Oct 2020

How To Have A Productive WFH Day


As most people are working from home, again, I thought I'd share my tips on what I've learnt as I've been working from home since March. If you read this post, you'd know that I work in the digital marketing industry and since COVID-19 has impacted many businesses, my office shut down and encouraged colleagues to work from home.


30 Aug 2020

How To Start Your Career In The Social Media Industry

I've been working in the social media industry for over 3 years now and honestly, it feels like a lifetime. Social media marketing is constantly changing due to new platforms, updates and trends. It's a great industry if you like being kept on your toes and don't mind change, which is definitely how I feel about my job. If you are looking for ways on how you can start your career in the social media industry, I thought I'd share a post on how I got to where I am today and what steps you can take if you want to follow a similar career path.


23 Aug 2020

Recent Eczema Skincare Finds And Dry Skin Tips For The New Normal

My eczema is aggravated and brought on by stress and anxiety so you can only imagine how my skin has reacted to lockdown and uncertainty over the past few months. It's been quite a journey and as we move into living in the 'new normal' and wearing face masks, our skin will be affected. Some experience acne, but my skin is constantly dry and wearing a face mask seems to enhance that.

Today I wanted to share my recent eczema skincare discoveries and share some tips for keeping your skin hydrated under your face mask.


21 Jun 2020

A Postcard From The UK Lockdown

It has been a whirlwind of a few months to say the least! Coronavirus has bought a standstill on many peoples travel plans and potentially impacted other things you had on your 2020 to-do-list but it hasn't put a halt on politics and creativity.

14 Jun 2020

Recipe: Mini Indian-Spiced Lamb Kebabs

These mouth-watering, delicious, juicy lamb kebabs make the perfect family dinner that is guaranteed to satisfy everyones tastebuds! I like serving these with a yoghurt and mint dip, french fries, warm pittas and a fresh salad. The leftovers (if you manage to savour any) also make the perfect lunch the next day. The kebabs can also be frozen so you can make them quickly on a rainy day as a super speedy dinner!


17 May 2020

My Current Morning Skincare Routine

Routine... a word we've been hearing a lot lately! I wanted to share my current morning skincare regime on the blog today. I've been loving taking the time to do a nice skincare routine in the morning as it brings a sense of normality into my day and makes me feel good! I think the lockdown has taught me to really slow down, take care of myself and generally up my self-care game.

Anyway, back to the routine. This is my everyday morning skincare routine for my dry, dehydrated and eczema-prone skin.

STEP 1: Cleanse
The first thing I do is cleanse my skin using the Nuxe Reve De Miel Face Cleansing & Make Up Removing Gel. This is a more natural lightweight cleanser that is perfect for everyday use. I don't think it's great for removing make up but it is fantastic for a general cleanse.

STEP 2: Exfoliate
Next up is an exfoliator. I've been using a chemical exfoliator for the past few years now and found that it works best for my skin. I did use a physical exfoliant for a bit and it really aggravated my eczema on my face. I really recommend making the switch if you notice anything happening with your skin.

The chemical exfoliator I've been using is actually the Aldi dupe for the Pixi Glow Tonic. I've used the Pixi product before and it is great but if there is a product that is cheaper and does the same thing, I'm all for it!

STEP 3: Serum
I've been using a few different serums over the past few months and currently I have a sample of the Balance Me Vitamin C Repair Serum. I really like how it is lightweight yet nourishing and would definitely be willing to purchase the full size once I use other back up serums.

STEP 4: Face & Neck Cream
For my daily face cream I've been reaching for the CeraVe Moisturising Lotion. I have talked about this product a lot lately but it is because it is the perfect daily cream! I love how lightweight it is in formula and how it nourishes my skin.

STEP 5: Eye Cream
Next is eye cream! I've been trying really hard to remember to apply eye cream so when I do it's been the Botanics Eye Cream. It's a nice easy eye cream, doesn't have any frills or crazy claims as far as I know so I'm just using it to keep the area hydrated and plump.

STEP 6: Treatments
The last step in my routine includes any extra treatments my skin may need. I've got a few that I've been alternating between, depending on how my skin is feeling.

DRY SKIN: Weleda Skin Food or Weleda Calendula Cream
DULL SKIN: Superdrug Vitamin C Facial Booster
FINE LINES: Argireline Solution 10%

What's been your highlights in your morning skincare routine?

10 May 2020

Recipe: Carrot Cupcakes With Cream Cheese Frosting and Candied Carrots

If you've got the baking bug and are looking to get your bake on, you have to try these delicious carrot cupcakes topped with a sweet cream cheese frosting and sugar candied carrots! Looking back at these photos are making my mouth water because they look and tasted so delicious.


26 Apr 2020

Fresh & Dewy Make Up For Dull Skin

Recently I've found that I have quite a dull complexion, which maybe due to the lack of Vitamin D from being inside all of the time but can also be caused by my dry, eczema skin type (yay!) I'm often looking for skincare and solutions to help boost the glowiness but sometimes it can only be achieved through make up!

Here is one of my current go-to looks for dewy skin...

I really like a light base layer so I've been ditching the foundation and going straight on to concealer. I've been reaching for the No7 Protect and Perfect Eye Cream, which also has a light tint to it, which has been helped cover any dark circles and bright my complexion a little.

To add some colour on to the skin, I've really been enjoying the Fenty Beauty Match Stix. It makes adding a touch of bronze to the cheekbones so quick and easy!

For blusher, I've been trying to find a cream or liquid alternative lately, as I like how natural it looks, compared to powder. So I've either been reaching for the MUA liquid blushers or the Revlon Photo Ready Insta Blush in Berry. I like to apply this to the tips of my fingers and then press it onto my cheeks for a flush of colour.

For my eyes, I recently got the Forgive Me Suzie Liquid Eyeshadow in the shade Dancing Queen in a Birchbox and LOVE how it looks on the lids! I've not had an eyeshadow in this form before so it's been great trying new formulas and shades that I wouldn't normally reach for. The shade is a beautiful rose gold but doesn't look over the top and can easily be blended out with a brush or finger tips.

The final step on my eyes would be to apply lashings of the Loreal Telescopic Mascara. I just can't get enough of this mascara! The formula is great and lasts all day, the brush fans out my lashes nicely and lengthens them whilst holding a curl (I curl them before I apply). I would definitely recommend this mascara to anything looking for a new one to try!

And last but not least, lips! I thought I'd dig out a product I've not used for a while and that is the NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu. I like how it's not tacky or sticky and makes my lips look hydrated and plump!


22 Apr 2020

How To Be Productive If You've Been Furloughed

It's a strange time for everyone and for those who have, unfortunately, been made redundant as a result of COVID-19, it's especially worrying. Here in the UK, the government have bought a furlough scheme that allows employees to be kept on the payroll and be paid up to 80% of their wages, but not work until the situation blows over.

My company have furloughed a few members of staff, including myself, so for the past few weeks I've been finding ways and things to do to keep busy, stay productive and most of all, keep on top of a routine. If you are looking to do the same, I thought I'd share the ways I've been maintaining a schedule and keeping busy during my furlough.

If your employer is nice enough, they may have already organised and paid for some training courses you can do so when you return to work, you are motivated and up to speed! If not, ask them! Or don't worry, I'm sure there are plenty of free online courses you can do, depending on your field.

I've also come across a website called Skillshare, which is a platform where you can do courses about pretty much anything from beauty, photography, web design, blogging, interior design etc. It is a paid for platform but it doesn't cost much and I believe they are offering a few free months at the moment so why not take advantage!

Work on your passion! If you don't have a hobby, now is the time to find something you love doing and go hard. My hobby is my blog so I've been spending extra time working on new posts, photography and even began filming videos for IGTV!

If this is your thing... clean! I've been using this time to get my house organised and cleaned by doing the jobs I've been putting off for ages. If you are looking for some inspiration, follow Mrs Hinch or Lynsey on Instagram to get you inspired! I feel so much better already and the house will be organised and ready for guests when this is all over.

If you've been dreaming about starting a side business, now is your chance! It might be hard to get it off the ground at the moment, depending on the nature of the business but you can do all of the set up, which you didn't have time to do before. I've been working on some beautiful wedding pieces for my calligraphy business, which I'm sure will be perfect for later in the year.

How have you been spending your days during this time? 


19 Apr 2020

My Go-To Skincare Picks For Stressed Eczema Skin

The past few weeks have felt a bit anxious, stressful and worrying for me (as well as being enjoyable, I'm grateful that I can work from home and have the option to be at home!) but I know a lot people have been feeling the same. I know these feelings often effect my skin and it tends to aggravate my eczema, which I'm sure happens to many others too. So I wanted to share my top skincare picks for when I get an eczema flare up due to stress.

One of the first things I like to do is have a pamper, which always includes a face mask! My current hydrating face mask of choice has been the Ren Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask, which I enjoy using because it hydrates and soothes my inflamed skin as well as it being a natural product.

Another mask I've discovered lately that nourishes dry skin is the Kiehl's Calendula and Aloe Soothing Hydration Masque. I like this product because it instantly calms my skin and the ingredients help rehydrate the skin.

For a morning and evening cleanse, I really like the Nuxe Reve De Miel Gel Cleanser. It is formulated for dry and sensitive skin and it feels much more nourishing then other cleansers I've used. It contains honey and sunflower oil, making it gentle and soothing for eczema-prone skin. The only thing I would say is that the scent is a bit distracting and might aggravate those who are more sensitive than I am!

As a pre-moisturising step, I often alternate between a few different products. When it comes down to specifically target hydration, I would firstly recommend the Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum. I notice an instant difference in the texture of my skin when I use this and would continue to repurchase if I ran out as it is a lifesaver in times like this!

If you are looking for a budget serum, I've recently been enjoying using the Superdrug Calm Skin Hydrating 2-in-1 Serum and Moisturiser. I don't think it provides enough hydration for me to be a 2-in-1 product but I love it as a daily serum. Simple, inexpensive and does a great job!

Finally, another inexpensive skincare pick is the Ordinary 100% Plant Derived Squalane. I've raved about this for years now and I can't get enough! It's a lightweight yet hydrating non-greasy oil (if that makes sense) and is gentle for rough, eczema-prone skin too.

And finally, as far as moisturisers go I have 3 amazing recommendations for you and they don't break the bank! I like to layer moisturisers when my skin is especially dry so there may be days when I actually use 2 creams but I always reach for these.

The CeraVe Moisturising Lotion is a fantastic lightweight moisturiser that gently soothes, nourishes and keeps my skin feeling soft and smooth. It's a great option for daily use and has a pump, making it more hygienic. It contains hyaluronic acid as well as ceramides, making it ideal for dry, dehydrated skin types.

The Weleda Skin Food is now my go-to pick for when my skin is super flaky and dry. I think the ingredient in this that really agrees with my eczema prone skin is lanolin. I think I need to get my hands on the pure stuff to test it out but whatever it's doing, is amazing! This moisturiser feels thick, sticky and greasy but it works. You might want to try their light formula if you find this is too much!

Another Weleda product I've been loving is the Calendula Face Cream, which is actually in their baby range. I feel like this is a lighter alternative to the Skin Food and is something that I can reach for on a daily basis. It provides a great base for make up too! I believe that the Weleda range is natural and organic too, making it even better for your skin.

What are your top picks for stressed skin?

12 Apr 2020

A Mini Master Bedroom Makeover

Since we bought our home, we've focused our energy on decorating the main living spaces of the house like the lounge and kitchen dining area. With both of them almost complete, I thought I'd start on our bedroom. We weren't really looking to make big changes to our room so I figured a 'mini makeover' will help the room feel and look more finished and allow us to fall in love with it again.

One of the easiest changes to make is to simply switch up the bedding. I bought some new decorative pillows as well as bed sheets and it is a game changer!

I've been wanting white bedding for a really long time so when I finally saw these by George at Asda, I couldn't not pick them up. It's white (obviously), was affordable (even for a super king size) and looks chic! I love how it finishes off the room. The decorative pillows also match any bedding I put on, so it's great!

White Duvet Set: George at Asda
Mongolian Fur Pillows: Dunelm
Pom Pom Pillow: Dunelm

I've been wanting to hang frames for a really long time now so when it came to choosing some, there was only one place to go. Desenio have a really great variety of prints from photographs, typography and even graphics. I knew I wanted to add a colour to the neutral hues of the room so I figured the best way to that would be through the print I chose.

I really liked these banana leaf prints as they add a feature to the wall, plus they can always be moved to another room in the house if I ever decide I want a change! Also, I paired the prints with gold frames as I want gold to be a theme around the room (you'll soon see other accessories to match).

Banana Leaf Print 1: Desenio
Banana Leaf Print 2: Desenio
Gold Frames: Desenio

I've been looking for a new lamp for a while now and I was toying between this style of lamp or a lamp that had a green coloured shade, to match the prints. I decided to go for this as it is more versatile, if I had different coloured bedding or changed the prints, it would still match. I really like how classic yet modern this one looks.

Gold LED Lamp: Matalan

I'm yet to find the perfect gold-rimmed mirror for the wall on top of my dresser but I did find a couple of other things with touches of gold to add to our room.

I decided to remove the handles of our IKEA Hemnes Chest of Drawers and spray paint them gold to create a more modern look. I also added this acrylic make up storage with a gold frame to the top to store my beauty products in and I love how it looks!

I also recently purchased this side table for this little corner and I'm obsessed. It's so perfect and useful for storage too!

Hermes Chest of Drawers: IKEA
Gold Spray Paint: Amazon
Gold Frame Acrylic Storage: Beautify
Marble and Gold Side Table: Wayfair
Cheese Plant: The Bloom Project, Leicester
Gold Plant Pot: H&M Home

And there is a little look at the new homeware bits in our bedroom.

Where are your favourite places to shop for homeware?

8 Apr 2020

How To Start A Lifestyle Blog

If you are a little bored, unsure of how to spend your time or are already thinking about setting up a blog, you've come to the right place! I thought I'd share my advice on how you can start your own blog today so you can get tapping away.

I know I just said that you might want to start a blog out of boredom but you're also going to need something to keep you going. I write because I like the creativity that comes with it and I want to share my knowledge and products with you all. Find something that motivates you!

I use Blogger to write and set up my blog on as it is completely free. If you are looking for a platform to get you set up, I'd really recommend it. Perhaps you want to write short reviews on Instagram, that's fine too! Find a platform that works for you and set it up.

I know this post is about a lifestyle blog but this could mean many topics within that. Lifestyle, for me, includes beauty, skincare, recipes, home and decor, travel, cleaning, books etc. Why not write down a list of sub-themes you'd like to talk about on your blog so you have something to go back to?

Find some blogs that you like reading. Whether it will include similar topics or not, it's the tone of voice, image style, layout or something else you might find inspiring. I like using Bloglovin' to find inspiration and keep tabs on my favourite blogs. I also like getting inspiration from Youtube, my favourite brands' social media channels and online articles.

Get creative and publish your first post!

I hope this helps and inspires you to start your own blog - good luck!
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