29 Mar 2020

Changing My Skincare Going Into Spring

Spring is just around the corner so I thought I'd put together a post about how I'm switching up my skincare going into the new season.

As the seasons change and it starts to get a little warmer here in England, most people switch up their wardrobe but I also like to take a look at my skincare. I'm a skincare junkie but I think it is a good idea to change up your regime, especially as spring is coming along.

One of the first things you can do is spring clean your skincare stash. A switch up is a good opportunity to get rid of old, out of date skincare. All skincare has a lifespan - you just have to make sure your keeping tabs on it.

Here is a rough idea of skincare expiration dates:
Cleansers: 12 months
Toners: 6-12 months
BHA or AHA exfoliants: 12 months
Facial or body moisturizers and serums: 6-12 months
Lip balm: 12 months

It's also a chance to donate or get rid of products that you just haven't been reaching for.

One of the key steps for me in my skincare routine is exfoliation. In winter, I like to use a combination of chemical and physical exfoliants. However, moving into spring I think I'd prefer a chemical exfoliator.

Glycolic Acid is the perfect ingredient for exfoliation. It removes the outermost layer of dead cells from the complexion, making your skin look brighter and fresher. I am currently really enjoying using the Boots Glycolic Acid as it is accessible, affordable (only £5) and works really well so far.

Another change I'll be making as it gets warmer is layering creams, rather than going in with a thick moisturiser straightaway. Adding lighter layers of creams, serums and oils, ensures a more seamless skincare routine. I like the idea of building layers as it ensures that my skin gets the hydration it needs in the right amount of quantities.

This also includes SPF skincare. I think it is important to use a dedicated SPF everyday but if you can also find it in your skincare (like a moisturiser) it is great too!

I actually picked up a face cream with SPF 20 in it from Aldi and so far so good.

Spring calls for lighter make up bases (if I decide to even wear any that day) so I'd like my skin to be on its best behaviour. It is actually one of my focuses all-year-round but thought it was worth mentioning as I'll continue to do regular masks and treatments to look after my skin.

My current favourite face mask is the Kiehl's Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque.

How are you changing up your skincare regime going into spring?

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