8 Mar 2020

How I Deal With An Eczema Flare Up

I've been getting messages recently from a lot of followers or friends asking for advice on eczema and I thought I'd share the steps I take when I get a flare up. I'm really glad I have a routine when it comes to what to do when this happens as I previously would panic and apply every cream I owned on the affected area!

Hopefully this process helps you if you have an eczema flare up...

STEP 1 | Simplify Your Routine

First things first, strip your routine back to basics. Stop using anything fancy and keep it simple so your skin can get a break and you can let it calm down.

I recommend using a simple wash and a face cream. I personally went back to using coconut oil or Nivea products, as they have always agreed with my skin. I recommend finding a product that you can always go back to so you can use it within your regular routine as well as when there is a flare up.

Using baby products are also safe place to begin - if they are gentle enough for baby skin, they are gentle enough to use on eczema-prone skin too.

STEP 2 | Contact Your Doctor

I was quite concerned at the severity of my flare up so I spoke to my doctor (my surgery actually has an app where you can send photos and they can provide you with prescriptions).

They made a few recommendations, such as using an emollient cream (like E45) and visiting my pharmacy to get a tube of hydrocortisone (only recommend if you doctor has asked you to buy it).

STEP 3 | Stop Using Wipes

A few years ago I binned my facial wipes for good and let me tell you, it has done my skin wonders. Yes, I get the odd break out but washing your face and using a flannel or muslin cloth has really made my skin feel different.

It's a more hygienic and gentle way to cleanse your face and I would highly recommend making the change.

STEP 4 | Wash Your Brushes

Dirty make up brushes could be the cause for break outs and potentially dry skin too. One of the first things I do when I have a bad skin break out is deep clean my brushes to avoid any bacteria from spreading. It's simple yet effective.

STEP 5 | Wash Your Bedding

Similarly, it's a good time to change your pillowcase and/or bedding. Wash your sheets, again, to prevent bacteria from collecting as your pillow case could be one of the main causes for bad skin or flare ups.

STEP 6 | Stop Panicking

Whenever I am stressed out, it instantly shows up in my skin. I think some of eczema flare ups are due to over stressing and panicking. It's easy for me to tell you to stop panicking but just try! Meditate, take a night off, do some yoga, halve your to-do-list... whatever it takes to remove some of the burden and weight off your shoulders.

And those are my top tips for how I deal with an eczema flare up. What do you do? Leave your tips below!

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