26 Apr 2020

Fresh & Dewy Make Up For Dull Skin

Recently I've found that I have quite a dull complexion, which maybe due to the lack of Vitamin D from being inside all of the time but can also be caused by my dry, eczema skin type (yay!) I'm often looking for skincare and solutions to help boost the glowiness but sometimes it can only be achieved through make up!

Here is one of my current go-to looks for dewy skin...

I really like a light base layer so I've been ditching the foundation and going straight on to concealer. I've been reaching for the No7 Protect and Perfect Eye Cream, which also has a light tint to it, which has been helped cover any dark circles and bright my complexion a little.

To add some colour on to the skin, I've really been enjoying the Fenty Beauty Match Stix. It makes adding a touch of bronze to the cheekbones so quick and easy!

For blusher, I've been trying to find a cream or liquid alternative lately, as I like how natural it looks, compared to powder. So I've either been reaching for the MUA liquid blushers or the Revlon Photo Ready Insta Blush in Berry. I like to apply this to the tips of my fingers and then press it onto my cheeks for a flush of colour.

For my eyes, I recently got the Forgive Me Suzie Liquid Eyeshadow in the shade Dancing Queen in a Birchbox and LOVE how it looks on the lids! I've not had an eyeshadow in this form before so it's been great trying new formulas and shades that I wouldn't normally reach for. The shade is a beautiful rose gold but doesn't look over the top and can easily be blended out with a brush or finger tips.

The final step on my eyes would be to apply lashings of the Loreal Telescopic Mascara. I just can't get enough of this mascara! The formula is great and lasts all day, the brush fans out my lashes nicely and lengthens them whilst holding a curl (I curl them before I apply). I would definitely recommend this mascara to anything looking for a new one to try!

And last but not least, lips! I thought I'd dig out a product I've not used for a while and that is the NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu. I like how it's not tacky or sticky and makes my lips look hydrated and plump!


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