5 Apr 2020

My Self-Care Routine During Social Distancing

I think self care is so important now, more than ever, as we are all feeling a bit anxious and uncertain about what's going on in the world right now. I thought I'd share my self-care regime so you can get some ideas on how to distract yourself and show a bit of extra love to yourself.

Yoga or Exercise
Most mornings I've been doing a yoga workout (Yoga with Adriene is so far my favourite), some pilates (Blogilates of course) or a recent discovery... dancing! I've been obsessed with The Fitness Marshall's tutorials, he makes it so easy to follow and enjoy exercise. I have two left feet but whenever I do just one video / song, it really makes me feel good.

I've never been consistent with taking vitamins but this has all taught me that it is good to have a strong immune system and therefore I've been taking some extra vitamins, vitamin C mainly, to keep my system in check.

Skincare Regime
There's nothing like having a good skincare routine to start or end your day with and when it gets to these points of the day, I really like to enjoy the process. I've added a couple of extra steps into my routine (e.g.: facial roller and Vitamin C serum) to make each regime feel like a mini pamper session.

Pamper Evening
Speaking of pampering... I really feel like it is important to have regular pamper evenings to treat your mind, body and soul. I like to apply a hair and face mask, have a nice relaxing shower, give myself a mini massage, maybe do my eyebrows or use my IPL machine, to make me feel normal. Whatever makes you feel relaxed and pampered, just do it!

Books and Netflix
I have a lot of extra time so I've been trying to finish off some books that I've had sitting on my bookshelf for a while. It's a great time to get your nose into a book or start a new series. Some of my favourite Netflix shows / movies I've watched recently include: The Man on the Ledge, A Fall from Grace and The Stranger.

Cleaning and Decluttering
I really find cleaning my home therapeutic so I've been finding chunks of time to clear specific areas or spring clean around the house. If you feel the same, I think it's good to schedule in some time to clear a particular room or space.

With all of this new time indoors, I've been finding time to do more of the things I love like blogging, getting into IGTV and being creative with my calligraphy business. If you don't have a hobby, I'd really recommend finding something you can focus your energy on that isn't work or stressful. Perhaps start a lifestyle blog of your own...?

Calling Family and Friends
Speaking to family and friends regularly through FaceTime, WhatsApp or Houseparty (do you believe in that hacking theory?!) has definitely helped keep me calm but has also made these days feel a bit more normal. I see family quite a lot so speaking with them on a regular basis helps keep up normality in my routine.

How are you looking after yourself during this time? I hope you are well and staying safe x

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