21 Jun 2020

A Postcard From The UK Lockdown

It has been a whirlwind of a few months to say the least! Coronavirus has bought a standstill on many peoples travel plans and potentially impacted other things you had on your 2020 to-do-list but it hasn't put a halt on politics and creativity.

Whilst we'd all rather be on a beach somewhere sunny right now, I'm also quite happy with how much I've achieved so far this year. The UK lockdown forced us to stay in but allowed me to be creative in so many other ways, which I'm sure others can relate to! I've not been too active here on the blog for a few weeks but I've been putting some of this creative energy into other projects and it's made me feel energised and positive about what is to come!

I've been filming, editing and posting a fair few IGTV's over on my Instagram lately and it made me realise I don't have to just be sitting here typing away on my blog to express my thoughts and opinions. I really liked experimenting with video content, in particular focused on skincare and fashion, and it only happened because of lockdown.

The virus outbreak out a strain on several businesses, and unfortunately it impacted my place of work meaning I had to be furloughed. Before all of this happened, I'd kill for a few days off to take a break and relax but once I was actually in that position, I realised I'm one of those people who thrives of keeping busy to stay motivated. I actually had a total of two months where I wasn't working, so I spent my time on IGTV, the blog, learning new recipes, training on new skills for my career and working on my side business (check it out here if you are interested in calligraphy!)

During the lockdown, it was also Ramadan, our fasting month. This came at the perfect time as Ramadan encourages muslims to take a step back, focus on your faith, purpose and help those in need. It's easy to complain about not seeing family or friends and not being able to leave the house, but we are so lucky to be in the position that we are compared to others. I feel very privileged, despite everything that is going on, because we are definitely better off compared to some people.

More recently events that have been making me think a lot about my actions and thoughts lately is the Black Lives Matter movement. I have been sharing resources and consuming information over the past few weeks on the topic as the topic has been so powerful. I'm really passionate about racism and although it is not the same, I've grown up as an Indian brown-skinned female in a mixed community and have of course experienced racism. It's heartbreaking to see how others have to deal with it and I'm hoping that with the movement taking over social media, it really does improve how black people are treated all over the world. It is not okay and we all need to do something to ensure that racism does not continue.

Coronavirus and lockdown has bought us several ups and downs and I know at the beginning there was a lot of anxiety around the topic. I know I experienced a little bit of anxiousness about routine changing, my career being at risk, people's health and lives at risk. Social media has been such a powerful tool amongst this process as it has generated communities that are stronger. I've been sharing tips and posts along the way here on my blog and Instagram, alongside other content creators. It's been a really weird yet wonderful time hasn't it?

Anyway, this brings me to the end of my post (card). I hope everyone is staying well, safe and healthy.

Take care,

Dress: Topshop via ASOS

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  1. Your dress is so pretty! Hope you and your family are keeping safe.


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