6 Dec 2020

A Glowy Skincare Menu

Over the past few months my priority has been good health and good skin! I've really not worn make up in a while and if I do, it's minimal and on the odd day! I've been loving the healthy, dewy skin vibe and today I thought I'd share my glowy skincare menu featuring my current favourite products.

First things first: toner. My toner of choice at the moment varies between the Boots Glycolic Acid Toner and the Aldi dupe for the Pixi Rose Tonic!

Glycolic acid benefits the skin in many ways, acting as a chemical exfoliant, it helps remove the dead skin therefore creating a smoother and brighter appearance. I really like the Boots range and it's affordability and simplicity (hence why I have repurchased this twice now!)

Next up is serum. Another Boots own brand find - the Glow Pineapple Serum. I was intrigued when I saw this on the shelf and wanted to give it a go. I normally gravitate towards serums that are targeted towards dry and dehydrated skin, but a huge part of boosting my dull skin complexion, is brightening products. I'm so glad I found this because it instantly makes me look and feel more radiant - plus the smell reminds me of a sunny holiday, which isn't so bad either. 

Due to my eczema-prone skin type, I tend to double up on moisturisers. I like layering different ones depending on how my skin is feeling and the combination I've been enjoying recently is a light layer of the Lano Everywhere Multi Cream followed by the Weleda Baby Calendula Face Cream (which is super gentle and lightweight). I love this combination because they aren't heavy or tacky on the skin in anyway and I can feel a difference when I use it. They are targeted towards dry skin, which helps massively as the ingredients are targeted to help soothe eczema. 

If I'm looking to end the day with a face mask or treat myself, my go-to is the Kiehl's Turmeric and Cranberry Seed Masque. It has tiny particles within the mask which helps to buff the skin, revealing a glowy complexion. I think this mask is a great option for any skin type as it is gentle, non-evasive and works a treat!

A tool that I've been loving recently is a face roller and gua sha. Massaging your face helps tone and sculpt the face as well as releasing the skin of any tension, which could show within the skin itself. It also helps stimulate blood flow, again making the skin look and feel more healthy and plump. I highly recommend looking into a facial massager tool if you are looking to up your skincare game.

What are your go-to glowy skincare products? I'd love to know!


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