13 Dec 2020

Easy Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Swaps You Can Make

As we begin to think about new years resolutions or what we'd like to achieve in 2021, there's a few things that come to mind (for me at least). Being happier, saving X amount of money and being kinder, to myself, people around me and the environment. I've realised I've made a few lifestyle changes this year that are more sustainable and help the environment.

Here are a few swaps you can make in the new year...

When it comes to beauty, I think this swap made the biggest impact in my routine. Switching regular cotton pads with reusable cotton pads changed the game! I use a cotton pad twice a day to apply toner so the washable ones are so much more sustainable. No waste going in the bin and instead they get put in the wash! I bought some from Amazon (as it came with 10 pads and a wash bag) but I know that more popular beauty brands are bringing out their own versions such as Garnier.

Another beauty swap I've been using for years now is washing and cleansing my face with a muslin cloth. I originally incorporated this into my beauty regime as it was gentle enough for my eczema but realising that it replaced disposable cotton pads was a bonus and again an easy swap.

Next up, washable period pants! I prefer using pads over tampons but I never realised how much plastic waste they produce. I was kindly sent a couple of pairs of Modibodi period pants and I think they are a GREAT swap. They are made from renewable, sustainably sourced and long-wearing materials, which means they'll last you years. They are of course washable, which reduces waste massively. Modibodi offer washable pants for periods (all flow levels), incontinence, maternity and even cater towards teens and men. 

A very easy change you can make in your daily routine is reusable water bottles. Say no to anymore plastic waste and invest in a Chilly's bottle. They aren't that expensive either and can be used for hot or cold drinks so you can benefit all year round.

I rarely use disposable straws but in case we're having homemade milkshakes or smoothies, metal straws are actually a great alternative. I've heard that glass ones are a good option but haven't tried them myself. These straws are so popular nowadays that they've created travel / collapsible versions so you can make sure you are being sustainable whilst on-the-go as well.


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