7 Feb 2021

How I'm Maintaining My Balayage

A few months back I decided to make a change to my look and went for a natural blonde / light brown balayage in my hair! My natural hair colour is dark brown and blonde balayage is known to look quite brassy in my hair tone, which is true - I very quickly learned that my hair isn't as low maintenance as I was expecting.

I had a similar hair colour a few years back so I know the drill: purple shampoo, hair masks etc so I found my perfect concoction of hair products and treatments and that's what I'm sharing today.

For my purple shampoo, I've been using the Bleach London Silver Shampoo and Bleach London Silver Conditioner at least once a week. The name of the product is slightly confusing but it is purple and helps remove yellow brassy tones from blonde hair, hence why I'm using it in my hair! I like to leave the shampoo in my hair for as long as possible but I definitely notice a difference after using it.

When I'm not using the Bleach London products, I enjoy the Aussie Blonde Hydration Purple Shampoo and Aussie Blonde Hydration Purple Conditioner. It does a very similar job to the other purple shampoo and conditioner duo, but I like to switch out my hair products every now and then. Plus, I love how these make my hair feel soft and nourished afterwards. 

Bleached hair is of course very damaging so it's important to keep the hair hydrated and often. I like to slather my hair in a nourishing oil and keep it in for a good few hours or overnight before washing out. I usually opt for coconut oil (the Vita Coco Coconut Oil is great!) or use the L'oreal Elvive Extraordinary Oil, which works miracles.

In terms of styling, I often leave my hair to air dry and style it a few times a month at the most using heat so it generally keeps my hair healthy and prevents damage. However, I invested in the Revlon One-Step Volumiser a few months back and it's a great time-saving tool!


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