28 Mar 2021

Recipe: Chocolate Chunk Cookies (Freezable!)

I love a cookie recipe and when I'm looking to whip up something quickly, I love taking a cookie dough ball out of the freezer and into the oven so I can have a warm gooey cookie to enjoy! This recipe is simple, easy and of course freezable so you can enjoy on-demand. You can also bake it a little longer or shorter depending on how you'd like to enjoy it - traditional cookie dough style or crunchy cookies. 


21 Mar 2021

The Only Salad Dressing I Love & Use

I've never really been a salad lover but for certain dishes and lunches, they are really the best option. When it's paired with grilled halloumi and falafel, count me in. However, it's the dressing that makes all the difference for me! 


14 Mar 2021

Skincare Ingredients To Look For If You Have Dry Skin

With skincare and science becoming more normal, there's a lot of ingredients on the packaging that you may not be familiar with! There are brands that are great for breaking down these ingredients and educating their customers (The Ordinary is a great example!) whilst others stick names on packaging and expect customers to buy them with their own knowledge that it's what they are looking for.


7 Mar 2021

How To Create The Best WFH Day-To-Day Routine For You

Despite there being a light at the end of the lockdown tunnel and a hint of hope in the air, work-from-home life is very much here to stay for most workplaces. With the return to offices optional, at-home routines will slowly shift as daily life will continue and be moulded around your new regime in the 'new normal' (again!)

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